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Six Degrees of Swampland: Drive-By Truckers


The Six Degrees of Swampland: The Drive By Truckers serves as a compendium of all DBT-related information on our site. 2010 looks to be a landmark year for the group.  They will release two studio albums of new material, headlining a sold out worldwide  tour, opening for Tom Petty, releasing a documentary film and you can be sure…a surprise or two…

“I never really was all that into the circus as a kid, but I sure was into The Rock Show, which was sort of The Circus for kids of my generation…I get tired and burned out, but I wouldn’t trade it for anything. The Big To-Do…”
--Patterson Hood

As the Drive-By Truckers leader and founder, Patterson Hood’s musical background proves formidable. Patterson grew up in Florence, Alabama. His father David Hood served as a member of ‘The Swampers’—The Muscle Shoals Rhythm Section—a group that recorded with The Staple Singers, Willie Nelson, Duane Allman, Traffic, Jimmy Cliff, Percy Sledge, Aretha Franklin and Wilson Pickett to name a few.

Patterson Hood and Mike Cooley became songwriting partners in the 90s. Around 1994, Patterson moved to Athens, Georgia. By 1996, The Drive By Truckers were born. Hood’s Muscle Shoals roots and sensibilities were blended in with the bohemian-collegiate environs of Athens. After ten Trucker albums (and numerous side projects), Hood’s musical ties and talent penetrates tight musical communities in Mississippi, Muscle Shoals, Athens and far beyond.

The Drive By Truckers: Patterson Hood, Mike Cooley, Brad Morgan, Shonna Tucker, John Neff and Jay Gonzalez contend as one the best rock and roll bands on the planet. The Truckers understand the mythology of rock and roll. And they do not tolerate nonsense…

Patterson Hood exists as one of this generation’s greatest rock and roll intellects. His rare degree of purpose and his “Southern Duality” of humbleness towards his mentors, influences, and bandmates and boldness of artistic vision render him a musician that made folks feel proud to be southern again. The Truckers undeniable talent appeals to The Rock And Roll Intelligentsia as well as the common, hardworking fans. Not only a film guru, but Hood’s generosity to other artists proves unmatched.

Musically, lyrically and conceptually, The Drive By Truckers operate in a category of their own—so much so that legends such as Bettye LaVette and Booker T. Jones imported The Truckers’ magic for their own music. The Drive By Truckers modus operandi epitomizes the Swampland mission statement. They are heroes of the highest order.

It’s best to let Hood have the final word:

“I grew up worshipping Rock and roll like a religion. I know its shortcomings and strengths but have loved it unconditionally all the same since I was eight-years old. I ran away and joined the circus and honestly, I’m still as obsessed as I was as a boy. I’m not a kid anymore but I still remember how it felt and it doesn’t really feel all that different to me now. I pay the price, but I get to get up there with my best friends and tell dirty and violent stories about desperate people in troubled circumstances. I get to turn up loud, and sometimes I even get to dance.”

James Calemine

Six Degrees of Swampland: Drive-By Truckers Contents


Drive-By Truckers Swampland Features

A Drive By Truckers Secret Weapon: The Jenn Bryant Interview
(Jenn Bryant designs the Truckers’ website along with merchandise and other artwork. She’s worked with the Truckers since their inception)

Wes Freed Interview
(This March 2010 interview was conducted with indelible graphic artist Wes Freed who has created the artwork for the last seven DBT albums.) 

Athens Georgia's Finest: Patterson Hood's 2010 Guitar Pull
(An unforgettable evening with most of Athens’ finest songwriters on stage at one time hosted by Patterson Hood at Athens’ legendary 40-Watt club.)

The February 2010 Patterson Hood Interview
(This February 2010 interview was conducted the day before Hood’s Guitar Pull. This interview provides a glimpse into Hood’s love of film and his annual benefit for the Robert Osborne Film Festival.)

Patterson Hood and The Drive By Truckers 
(Michael Buffalo Smith conducted this interview after the release of "Brighter Than Creation's Dark."  Patterson provided sharp insight on his views on the current music industry.)

Southern Dis Comfort
(James Calemine wrote this article in 2004 with the release of The Dirty South. This was an intense--yet break through era--for the group.)

Patterson Hood Interview 2003
(Conducted during the "Decoration Day" era, this fine Michael Buffalo Smith interview sheds light on earlier days of The Truckers as well as Patterson Hood’s musical influences.) 

Keep On Truckin': The Drive-By Truckers Contribute to the New Mythology 
(Written by Dick Cooper—a legend in his own right—a pivotal figure in the Muscle Shoals music community. His perspective on The DBT deserves the utmost respect. This article traces The Truckers back to their Alabama roots.)

Drive-By Truckers Swampland Dispatches


Athens Photographer Jason Thrasher Discusses Filming The Drive By Truckers Go-Go Boots Episodes (7/18/11)

Next Stop: Wes Freed & The Drive By Truckers (7/13/11)

AthFest Music Festival June 22-26 (6/22/11)

Georgia Theatre Grand Opening Update (6/14/11)

Drive By Truckers Play Georgia Theatre Grand Opening August 12 & 13 (6/1/11)

Free Bonus Tracks with The Drive By Truckers’ Go-Go Boots To Support Indie Record Stores (2/17/11)

Pre-Review First Listen: The Drive By Truckers' Go-Go Boots (2/1/11)

Jason Isbell & the 400 Unit's Upcoming Here We Rest (1/21/11)

Drive By Truckers Shift Into Overdrive (1/13/11)


Drive By Truckers’ Go-Go Boots Out Feb 15, 2011 (11/9/10)

Ray McKinnon: From The Drive By Truckers To Hal Holbrook To Hank Williams (8/19/10)

The Drive By Truckers Hit the Road Next Week with Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers (7/4/10)

A Drive By Truckers Secret Weapon: The Jenn Bryant Interview (3/28/10)

The Wes Freed Interview (3/16/10)

The Drive By Truckers' The Big To-Do Out Tuesday March 16 (3/11/10)

Wes Freed Talks About Artwork For New Drive By Truckers Album The Big To-Do (3/10/10)

A Note On Patterson Hood's Guitar Pull (2/26/10)

Today's Interview with Patterson Hood (2/23/10)

Sunday Sounds: Interviews, Songwriters, A Film Festival & The Drive By Truckers (2/21/10)

The Drive-By Truckers Secret To A Happy Ending (2/1/10)

Patterson Hood Scores Soundtrack For That Evening Sun (1/22/10)


A Big To-Do About The Drive By Truckers (12/10/09)

Potato Hole Nominated For 2 Grammys & 2010 Drive By Truckers Tour Dates (12/3/09)

The Drive By Truckers Contribute To Eddie Hinton Tribute (11/21/09)

A Message From Patterson Hood (11/4/09)

Patterson Hood Solo Gigs This November In Georgia (11/3/09)

Halloween In New Orleans: Panic, Truckers & NO Musicians Clinic Conjure Good Mojo (10/22/09)

The Timeless Artwork of Wes Freed (9/15/09)

Summer Tour Notes Volume 6: Drive By Truckers Righteous Path Tour (8/5/09)

Widespread Panic & Drive By Truckers Raffle (7/15/09)

The Drive By Truckers' Fine Print (6/9/09)

A Talk with Patterson Hood about Murdering Oscar (6/5/09)

Patterson Hood's Murdering Oscar (and other love songs) (5/21/09)

Patterson Hood Shows Announced & Other Athens Music News (3/24/09)

Patterson Hood Performs at 5th Annual Robert Osborne Classic Film Festival (2/5/09)

Daniel Hutchens Reports On Bloodkin-Drive By Truckers Shows Last Weekend (2/3/09)

A Conversation with The Drive By Truckers' Patterson Hood (1/22/09)

Booker T. Jones & The Drive By Truckers (1/20/09)

The Drive By Truckers In The Studio (1/8/09)


The Drive By Truckers Prep For A Busy 2009 (12/27/08)

...A Rising Tide of Georgia Rock And Roll... (1/10/08)

Ryan Bingham And The Drive By Truckers Hit the Road (10/17/07)

Ray McKinnon's Randy and the Mob (9/21/07)

Patterson Hood Song In New Ray McKinnon Film (9/12/07)

Drive-By Truckers split with Jason Isbell (4/7/07)

Drive-By Truckers Swampland Reviews

Band Discography

 (1998 album)

Pizza Deliverance
 (1999 album)

Southern Rock Opera
(2001 album)

Decoration Day
 (2003 album)

The Dirty South
 (2004 album)

A Blessing And A Curse
 (2006 album)

Brighter Than Creation's Dark
 (2008 album)

The Fine Print
 (2009 rarities album)

The Big To-Do
 (2010 album)

Go-Go Boots
 (2011 album)

Patterson Hood solo albums

Patterson Hood; Killers & Stars
 (2004 album)

Murdering Oscar (and other love songs)
 (2009 album)

Other Albums Produced by Patterson Hood and/or featuring DBT

Booker T: Potato Hole

Bettye LaVette: The Scene Of The Crime

Don Chambers and Goat: Zebulon

Jason Isbell albums

Sirens Of The Ditch

Jason Isbell & The 400 Unit

Here We Rest


Patterson Hood recently said this about his adopted hometown of Athens, Georgia: “…I love Athens so much. It’s a great town. I love the collaborative spirit that is in the scene here…”

Swampland's Athens, GA Page

Athens, GA Musical Swampland Links

David Barbe (Athens' Sonic guru and long time DBT producer/collaborator goes on the record)

David Barbe & The Quick Hooks: Love It, Don't Choke It To Death
(Barbe's lastest album released in 2010)

Six Degrees of Swampland: Widespread Panic
(Your Swampland Source for all things Panic - Interviews, features, reviews, etc)

Bloodkin: Cutthroat Blues (DBT's Athens Musical Friends)

Bloodkin: Working Class Heroes (2009 Report on Bloodkin)

Bloodkin: Baby They Told Us We Would Rise Again (Patterson Hood wrote liner notes for Bloodkin's 2009 album)

Daniel Hutchens Interview (Bloodkin's songwriting master discusses his craft)

Eric Carter Interview: Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 (Bloodkin's guitarist talks about latest endeavors)

William Tonks (Athens' master utility musician and Hood guitar pull participant)

Other Athens, GA Swampland Links

80 Miles Between Athens And Atlanta (Many musicians have traveled this road)

Weaver D’s (Outstanding Soul Food at a place R.E.M named one of their albums after)

Weaver D's Soul Food Guide (An Favorite Panic Eatery)

Wilson’s Soul Food (Another timeless Soul Food joint in Athens)


Shoals natives Patterson Hood and Mike Cooley met here before DBT formed. It remains a mystical location that served as the fulcrum for some of the greatest rhythm, blues and southern soul recordings--a sacred place in American music…

Swampland's Muscle Shoals Page

Muscle Shoals Musical Swampland Links

Spooner Oldham Interview
(Another Muscle Shoals luminary playing an integral role in The Drive By Truckers music…)

Donnie Fritts Interview
(The Alabama Leaning Man - a Muscle Shoals songwriting great, Kristofferson band member, and all things in between...)

Pete Carr 2000 Interview
(guitarist of MSRS, worked with David Hood)

Scott Boyer Interview
(Founding member of Cowboy and the Decoys)

Dick Cooper 2000 Interview 
(Fortunately we still have this great storyteller still with us. This interview reveals how Cooper’s affiliation with legends like Jerry Wexler, Lynyrd Skynyrd and Duane Allman render the Drive By Truckers in serious company.)

Dick Cooper's Musical Essays written for Swampland:

   Jerry Wexler And Muscle Shoals Music

   Delbert Needed A Drummer

   Remembering Eddie Hinton

   Johnson Family of Muscle Shoals

John D. Wyker 2000 Interview
(Leader of Sailcat, music entrepreneur)

John D Wyker's Musical Essays written for Swampland:

   Duane Allman at FAME Studios

   Eddie Hinton

   Dan Penn

Other Swampland Musical Links That Relate to DBT

Stax Sound 
(a tribute page to Stax filled with Interviews and features about the Memphis label)

Six Degrees of Swampland: Lynyrd Skynyrd
(Your Swampland Source for all things Skynyrd - Interviews, features, reviews, etc)

Six Degrees of Swampland: The Dickinson Family
(Your Swampland Source for all things Dickinson - Interviews, features, reviews, etc)


Music Video for "Never Gonna Change"

DBT Interview during Dirty South Tour

Studio footage from the recording of "A Blessing And A Curse"

Patterson Hood Discusses Riverkeeper



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