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Patterson Hood Solo Gigs This November In Georgia

Posted: Nov 03, 2009

Drive By Truckers Front Man Books Solo Shows Close To Home

Patterson Hood's Drive By Truckers only have several gigs left this year, but Hood booked some solo shows this month. He played two Texas solo shows last weekend, but all the other gigs--besides one--are in Georgia.

Tonight Hood plays guitar with Jay Gonzalez on piano in what they call Onward Out The Window at Athens, Georgia's, Caledonia Lounge. On Nov. 11, Hood plays the Caledonia with Bullets Or Brains, which includes Hood and Truckers' John Neff and Brad Morgan in what they dub as Weirdo Country Sounds...

On Nov. 18--at the same location--Hood plays Murdering Oscar with David Barbe, Neff, Morgan and Gonzalez. On the 21st, Hood plays two shows in Atlanta before playing his last gig on Nov. 25 at The Zodiac Theatre in Florence, Alabama. More news on this front next week.

James Calemine

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jcalemine says...

These shows should not be missed...

Bill Cochran says...

P Hood is one of my favorites.....wish I could be in A town for that one.

Jane Manning says...

I'm hoping to make the 11/18 show!!!

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