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Patterson Hood Performs at 5th Annual Robert Osborne Classic Film Festival

Posted: Feb 05, 2009

Athens Musicians Perform at Robert Osborne Classic Film Festival

Tonight Patterson Hood plays a round (as he says "Nashville song swap style") at the 5th Annual Robert Osborne Classic Film Festival in Athens, Georgia. Playing along with Hood will Dave Marr, David Barbe, Don Chambers, William Tonks and fellow-Drive By Truckers John Neff and Brad Morgan. The event takes place at The Farm in Athens. All proceeds will go to the film festival. Vintage films such as Rear Window, The Godfather and Sunset Boulveard will be shown for the festival at The University of Georgia's Classic Center.

Tomorrow I'll publish another excerpt from my interview with Bloodkin's Daniel Hutchens concerning their new record, Baby, They Told Us We Would Rise Again, which Hood wrote the liner notes for the CD. Until tomorrow,

James Calemine

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