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...A Rising Tide of Georgia Rock And Roll...

Posted: Jan 10, 2008

A Rising Tide of Georgia Rock And Roll:
David Barbe, The Drive By Truckers, Bloodkin & The Black Crowes

"Every generation learns to dance,
Across that floor/They steal their moments..."
                        --Daniel Hutchens

I hope everyone enjoyed the holidays. I spent New Years with the Bloodkin family in Athens. The earthy wheel rolls on into 2008, which proves to be an interesting year for three Georgia rock and roll bands. I am currently transcribing an interview with sonic alchemist David Barbe (photographed on left with Drive By Truckers). Musicians such as R.E.M., The Drive By Truckers, The Indigo Girls' Amy Ray and Bloodkin--to name a few--trust Barbe with the spirit of their music enough to return to his studio in a quiet Athens industrial neighborhood for consecutive projects.

An Atlanta native, Barbe's parents recorded commercials for the Atlanta Braves when the team first moved to Atlanta in the 60s. His parents also wrote commercials for Coca-Cola. Barbe's father played horns on many Atlanta sessions for musicians such as Billy Joe Royal and Joe South. Barbe caught the music bug early, and after high school he moved to Athens, Georgia, to attend the University of Georgia and play music.

Barbe worked with Athens producer John Keane (R.E.M., Widespread Panic) before opening his own Athens studio. Barbe recorded the last five Drive By Truckers records--including Bettye LaVette's latest in Muscle Shoals. I met Barbe in 1997 through my old friends Bloodkin. In February of 2007, I cut spoken word material with Daniel Hutchens and Eric Carter of Bloodkin (The Fandango Brothers) in Barbe's studio. Earlier that day, R.E.M worked on their new songs with Barbe in his studio...

In this upcoming Swampland interview Barbe discusses the new Truckers record Brighter Than Creation's Dark, Bettye LaVette and various other interesting musical tales. This weekend Barbe wraps up recording another Bloodkin album (tentatively titled A Place To Crash), which will be out later this spring. All these upcoming activities will be documented and released for public perusal, including interviews with various band members from these classic rock & roll bands here at Swampland and Mystery & Manners...

Also, here's a link from the Rolling Stone today about Atlanta rockers The Black Crowes, regarding their latest studio album Warpaint. Well, there's a quick glimpse into the approaching days. I could get up on a soap box, but I'll let the work do the talking. Duty calls,

James Calemine


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michaelbuffalo says...

Nice. Looking forward to that Barbe interview. What a genius in the studio. You are so fortunate to have worked in his studio with those ultra talented Bloodkin cats... And what I heard was way cool. Keep up the good writing.... Automatic for the People! I need me some BBQ. Road trip to Athens when I get well....

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