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Lynyrd Skynyrd: Six Degrees of Swampland




Lynyrd Skynyrd may very well be the most popular Southern Rock band of all time. After a skyrocketing climb to the top of the charts during the 1970’s, combined with exhaustive touring, the band who named themselves after their high school gym coach Leonard Skinner became a household name in the mid-seventies.


Six Degrees of Swampland: Lynyrd Skynyrd Contents




With Ronnie we would be making a track and I would be working on the band and he would always have a bottle of Jack in his hand, and he would put it down on the end of the console and he would say that at 2:00 pm tomorrow he would be ready to record the song. Then he would walk out the door. The fact that he put the Jack down on the console meant that he was going home and have something to eat and have some tea and he would come back in the next day and if it was one of those days when he said, “No, not today.” Then the Jack would stay on the end of the console again. On the other hand if he heard himself sounding good, then he would go through it in half an hour and then he would be feeling really good and know that this was the day, and do 2-3 songs in about 2 hours. - Tom Dowd



Lynyrd Skynyrd: Legends of Southern Rock (A History)

• The 25 Best Lynyrd Skynyrd Songs

• Skynyrd's Well Deserved Hall of Fame Induction

• Ed King's Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Journal

• Simple Man Cruise 2009 Pics

• Billy Powell Memorial  

• Leon Wilkeson Memorial 

• Hughie Thomasson Memorial Page 

• Memorial for Ean Evans 



• Coach Leonard Skinner Dead at 77 September 20, 2010

JoJo Billingsley Passes Away  June 24, 2010

Skynyrd Receives Congrssional Honor  June 18, 2010

Skynyrd Review Feedback  September 4, 2009

• Artimus Pyle Acquitted August 31, 2009

New Lynyrd Skynyrd Single Rocks Hard July 20, 2009

Ean Evans Succumbs to Cancer  May 8, 2009

The Future of Lynyrd Skynyrd  February 3, 2009

More Skynyrd News, Alabama Plates and Tammy Van Zant  January 30, 2009

Sweet Home Alabama: New Tags for Old  January 30, 2009

Billy Powell Has Died  January 28, 2009

Ean Evans Diagnosed with Cancer  January 3, 2009

Freebird Factoids  July 15, 2008

Jimmy Johnson and Alan Walden Talk Skynyrd: Video  February 9, 2008

Rowdy Friends Tour Stops at Bama Jam  February 6, 2008

Artimus Pyle Jailed  November 23, 2007

30 Years Agom Today: Last Flight of Free Bird  October 19, 2007

Skynyrd Tribute Weekend Coming  October 6, 2007

Artimus Pyle Arrested  July 3, 2007

All Star Skynyrd Tribute Out This Week March 21, 2007

Gary's Health Changes Skynyrd Cruise Plans  January 4, 2007

Rowdy Friends Tour with Hank, Jr.  February 5, 2007





• Gary Rossington  June, 2003

• Johnny and Donnie Van Zant  March, 2001

• Dale Krantz Rossington  June, 2003

• Jo Jo Billingsley  July, 2003

• Rickey Medlocke  June, 2004

• Ed King  2001

• Ed King  June, 1999

Artimus Pyle  September, 2006

• Artimus Pyle  December 2001

• Artimus Pyle  October, 1999

• Tom Dowd  Fall, 2002

• Barry Lee Harwood  May, 2002

• Alan Walden  January, 2002

• Jimmie Van Zant 2000

Al Kooper  October, 2005

Hughie Thomasson Spring 2005

• Wayne Perkins  December, 1999

• Mike Estes  June, 1999

Larry "LJ" Junstrom  July, 2003

Randall Hall  July 2001






God & Guns

Street Survivors Deluxe Edition

Lyve: The Vicious Cycle Tour

The Unsolved Murder of Leon Wilkeson  (Book)

In Concert: Skynyrd/Shooter Jennings Pittsburgh, PA  July 4, 2006

In Concert: Skynyrd/38 Special  Clemson, SC  November 14, 2003



• Swampland's Legends of Southern Rock

• The True Era of Southern Rock 1969-1979

• Top 25 Songs of The Southern Rock Era

• The Southern Rock Photo Scrapbook

• Greatest Guitarists of The Southern Rock Era

 Greatest Vocalists of The Southern Rock Era

• Greatest Keyboard Players of The Southern Rock Era

• Greatest Bass Players of The Southern Rock Era

• Greatest Drummers of The Southern Rock Era 




Evanscapps   Last Time

Tammy Van Zant  Freebird Child  

Jo Jo Billingsley  I Will Obey

All Star Tribute to Skynyrd

Jimmie Van Zant  My Name is Jimmie

Mainstream South   Speechless

Under The Influence: A Jam Band Tribute To Skynyrd

Tom Dowd & The Language of Music   (DVD)

Artimus Pyle w/ Whiskey Creek   September 4, 2006

Celebration of Life Concert  November, 2001




"Free Bird" Old Grey Whistle Test, BBC 1975

 "Sweet Home Alabama" Knebworth, 1976

 "Simple Man" Live with Vintage Footage


God & Guns Video Podcast One

God & Guns Video Podcast Two





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