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Drive By Truckers Shift Into Overdrive

Posted: Jan 13, 2011

The Drive By Truckers Shift Into Overdrive

This Friday and Saturday the Drive By Truckers will play their annual benefit concert at Athens, Georgia’s, 40-Watt Club for Nuci’s Space. On January 22, the Truckers will perform at John Bell’s Hannah’s Buddies charity in Orlando, Florida.

On February 15, the Truckers latest David Barbe-produced studio release, Go-Go Boots, hits the streets that includes artwork from Wes Freed. Also, the long-awaited Truckers documentary, Secret To A Happy Ending, will also be shown in Athens this weekend.

The Truckers begin their Go-Go Boots tour soon...

Here’s a video from the episodes the Truckers have released for the new disc.  In this episode, Patterson Hood talks about the story behind two of the songs on Go-Go Boots which deal with a preacher who contracts the murder of his wife.

Says Hood:

When people in positions of authority... who are supposed to be standing for the morally upright... commit horrific crimes, it's always been a fascinating thing to me.

More Truckers news soon...

James Calemine


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