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Ace Atkins' Latest Book The Redeemers

(Aug 28th 2015, 14:42)

The Redeemers By Ace Atkins I just finished The Redeemers, a fine book by Mississippi writer Ace read more...

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Southern College Football – End of an Era

(Mar 19th 2011, 14:01)

For generations around our Swampland Footprint, the play-by-play announcer of your favorite university was like a part of the family. read more...

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Southern College Football – Can the Big 12 Survive?

(Feb 18th 2011, 19:18)

The world of college athletics was almost turned upside down last summer when possible conference realignment(s) seemed to be rumored read more...

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Like Clockwork, SEC Tops Recruiting

(Feb 4th 2011, 17:59)

There seems to be a rhythm to each winter over the last few years; an SEC team wins the BCS Championship in January and then the read more...

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Southern College Football – SEC Wins Again

(Jan 21st 2011, 17:24)

LEAD STORY The numbers are staggering: five national titles in row, a 7-0 record in the 13 BCS Championship Games, and five read more...

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Review of: Clay Travis

Dixieland Delight

As we head into the off season, now that the recruiting season is over (mostly), there might be no better time to pick up and read read more...

Review of:

Friday Night Lights, Season 3

Friday Night Lights began its entertainment lifespan as a fantastic book written by Buzz Bissinger. Bissinger's book told the read more...

Review of: Paul Hemphill

A Tiger Walk Through History

A Tiger Walk Through History: The Complete Story of Auburn Football from 1892 to the Tuberville Era Paul read more...

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Expanding The NCAA Tournament Would Further Erode An Already Suffering Sport

It’s Championship week in college basketball, and it’s a thrilling time to watch teams from smaller conferences earn their way into the Big Dance. While few believe that the regular season is what it used to be (especially when compared to college football), the hoops postseason is one of the top sporting events of the year.

SEC, Big 12, & ACC Bowl Primer: Post-January 1 Edition

SEC 01/01 –.Auburn vs. Northwestern - Outback Bowl (11 am EST – ESPN) 01/01 – LSU vs. Penn State - Independence Bowl (1 pm EST – ABC) 01/01 – Florida vs. Cincinnati – Sugar Bowl (8:30pm EST – FOX) 01/02 read more...

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Clay Travis, an Email Conversation

with Jim Markel As founder of Swampland.com, I don't often get a chance to step out from behind the scenes. The inspiration to do so came when my sister in law gave me Dixieland Delight by Clay Travis. After reading and reviewing it, read more...

Mitch Vingle, Charleston (WVa) Gazette

As a native West Virginian, Mitch Vingle brings a keen insight into the sports mindset of this read more...

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