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Reflections, Progressions & Horizons

Posted: Mar 10, 2012

   "Will all your money buy you forgiveness?
    Will it keep you from sickness?
    Will it keep you from cold?
    Will all your money
    Keep you from madness?
    Will it keep you from sadness?
    When you're down in the hole?"

                                        "Down In The Hole"
                                         The Rolling Stones

 ...Just a few lines from the Swampland news desk...

It's been an eventful week. On Thursday, I interviewed Neal Casal. Neal's new album--Sweeten The Distance--hits the streets on April 10. In the interview, we discuss his new CD, his photography, songwriting, Willie Nelson, his days with Ryan Adams and The Chris Robinson Brotherhood. Neal serves as the lead guitarist in The Chris Robinson Brotherhood; the group will release two upcoming albums this year: Big Moon Ritual and The Magic Door.

On Wednesday my writer friend George Dawes Green and I had a few drinks. We talked about his new book, Swampland, The Moth, The Unchained Tour and a few other vital topics. Shifting sands of change always bring new perspectives, reflections and progressions. Other upcoming Swampland topics will include Widespread Panic, Southern Soul Barbeque, Michael Gowen's Southeast Adventure Outfitters, Adam Smith, Bloodkin, The Drive By Truckers, Luther Dickinson, Shannon McNally, Mark Neill, Dust To Digital, David Barbe, Lucero, Colonel Bruce Hampton, the Atlanta Film Festival, Amy LaVere, Rich Robinson, Marc Andress, The Dukes of Glynn, Lera Lynn, The Captain Gabby, Marty Stuart, Shannon Runquist, new Never Ending Soul Food Tour reviews, new releases, a few vintage relics and several upcoming festivals.

I'd like to take the time and thank everyone for reading and supporting Swampland...you soulful folks know who you are and how much they mean to me personally. Big Horizons Come Soon. I'd also like to thank those several individuals who reduced us to a dollar sign or a shallow-spirited sell-out...you know who you are too. In the background, Bob Dylan is singing "Silvio/Silver and Gold/Won't buy back the beat of a heart grown cold." Indeed...

Stay tuned for Delivery,

James Calemine

(Photo by Neal Casal)

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