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James Calemine & Marc Andress: Solar Flare Blues 2012

Posted: Nov 22, 2011


Last Thursday I recorded a spoken word piece with Honey Blue guitar/pedal steel player Marc Andress. Check out Honey Blue. They will be playing Spring Fest in March. Marc's a solid musical ally, and we decided to keep things interesting as another year comes to a close.

We nailed "Solar Flare Blues 2012" in one take. For years, I read spoken word stories, lyrics or poems with Bloodkin. There will be another Bloodkin session next month. The Solar Flare session transpired in Marc's high-ceiling living room. It took longer to set up, check the levels and transfer the music than it did to record.

Marc played a Ron Wood telecaster on this number. We hit the record button, sat down across from each other and this is what emerged in real time. We decided to leave this version 'as is' in all its 'one take' glory.

More news on this front soon. Here's the official transcription and official audio...

Solar Flare Blues 2012

The foul smell of fear drifts through the air like mountain winter woodsmoke. The eerie light of the 21st Century shines on a rusty American crown in a deadly struggle between money and soul...singing songs of betrayal. A street preacher runs the gauntlet down on Magnolia Avenue...silver hair glowing in the dawning dusk...

The road to hell is paved with good intentions where the heart you break may be your own. In a time beyond repair even as a silver sundown promises salvation. The wind doesn't make a sound, but a scent of Oleander lingers in the breeze. Lost in the garden of agony. A lunar jinx descends on a river where diamonds & debris flow like ghosts at the crossroads. Poison Leaves under the watch of a wooden Indian.

Eyes of the assassin slice through the spirit as he stirs his brew of homemade sin. Warnings of earthquakes, floods, biblical storms and simple secrets revealed in the delicate calculus of fate. A beautiful girl gives you a Jezebel kiss and a Jackolantern smile. Wax paper and cathedral bells...fair warning, it was sight at first sound at the Sunday Jubilee. A strange undertow pulls on the days...Roses & Ruins...Aces & Eights...Standing in a circle of traitors amid the dogs of war...A sheep among wolves...The slow burn of a dangerous snare...The Sanctified Roulette wheel in a trinket yard lost in the economy's wake of destruction...

The street preacher's eyes burn like two blue flames while the Texas Ventriloquist steps out of the Eight Ball Package Store grinning like the butcher's dog. Flash & Filigree in these eroded bonds & shifting sands of time. A sweet tooth for temptation. The street preacher foretells of the 2012 Solar Flare Blues where you carry your faith like a midnight lamp...or breathe in the dust...

James Calemine


John Trudell: AKA Graffiti Man

Ken Nordine: Devout Catalyst

Honey Blue: Broken Places

Bloodkin: Baby, They Told Us We Would Rise Again

Memories of Vic Chesnutt by Daniel Hutchens


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