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Bob Dylan's Admiration for Mississippi Writer Larry Brown

Posted: Aug 02, 2011

Dylan's Admiration for Larry Brown

Turns out, Bob Dylan is a big Larry Brown fan. Today, while re-reading a short story of Brown's called "Kubuku Rides" from his collection of short stories--Facing The Music--I came across a lyric from a Dylan song.

A line from "Kubuku Rides" reads, "Lots of places to hide things, you want to hide them bad enough", and Dylan uses that line in his song "Sugar Baby". Dylan even used a photo for his album Together Through Life that served as the cover to Brown's Big Bad Love.

In my interview 2009 interview with Jim Dickinson, he told me about Dylan's appreciation for Brown's writing.

James Calemine: Talk about when Bob came down to Mississippi to visit you a few years later.

Jim Dickinson: Yeah—that was great. It’s when he was on that tour with Paul Simon. He called up—sometimes he calls when he comes through town. Most of the time he won’t, but he did that time and he said (Dylan inflection) ‘Hey, I gotta day off. Why don’t you take me through Mississippi?’ I said alright. He came down here when the boys were still living in the other trailer—I’ve got two trailers and the barn. The barn is my studio—the boys went over and hid in their trailer and started peeking out the window when they saw Dylan go by.

We talked about Larry Brown. Dylan said, ‘You know Larry Brown?’ I kind of made light of it, and I said ‘Yeah, he’s this drunk guy that hangs out at this bar where my kids play.’ And Dylan looked at me real sternly like I said the wrong thing and he said ‘I read every word he ever wrote.’ Oh well, allow me to re-assess my evaluation (laughs) of my good friend Larry Brown..."

James Calemine


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