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Freebird Child

by: Tammy Van Zant

Album Artwork

(Radio Records)

Ronnie Van Zant’s oldest daughter Tammy has a sweet voice. She’s not a powerhouse belter like a lot of the female vocalists of today, but she is quite pleasing to the ear, especially when backed up by the stellar pickers who play on her debut three-song EP.

The song “Freebird Child” was no doubt something she just had to some day write about her father.

“Every moment I remember/Thought those days would last forever/Then one night my strength fell from the sky.”

We all know the story, but I can barely imagine how  the 1977 plane crash affected Tammy. The good part is, she obviously has some very fond memories of Ronnie, and she has at long last put them into a beautiful song.

The EP also includes a song about her grandmother Sister Van Zant called “Dixie Rose” and another equally pleasing tune called “Surviving On a Wing and a Prayer.”

This release is a must have for the true Skynyrd fans, a deep insight into the love between a daughter and her father. Something quite special indeed.

-Michael Buffalo Smith

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Leslie Johns says...

I'm so glad to see she's doing so well !!! She has been ignored too long !!I remember her as the sweet child she was growing up when she came out with us on the road .Now I see her as the lovely woman and artist she has become...God Bless ...and much success ! Honey.. Your Daddy was..and surely is.. proud of you! Leslie Hawkins-Johns

Gus says...

Thanks Buff for the heads-up. I just purchased it on itunes. I'll let you know about it shortly. I'm sure it will be good, if she has a tenth of the singing ability of her Daddy, the record will be a hit.

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