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The Allman Brothers Band at The Beacon, March 9, 2009

Posted: Mar 10, 2009

It was truly one hot Spring night at the newly refurbished Beacon Theatre in New York City last night as The Allman Brothers Band kicked off their 40th Anniversary spectacle, the 20th anniversary of their annual Beacon run, and a fitting tribute to the late great Duane Allman, with a show that simply took “our music” to a whole new level.

Now, before I get started, I want to remind everyone that March is Allman Brothers Month here at GRITZ, so check back daily for all sorts of Peachy thangs, including my upcoming Butch Trucks interview. We will also feature reviews and set lists of every Beacon show the day after the show. Just as a reminder, you may view these shows from the comfort of your own computer, or computer wired into the TV and stereo, by subscribing to Moogis, the awesome new service created by Butch Trucks. You can watch crystal clear live performances of all shows as they happen, and then go back and watch them again and again. Buffalo says, "check it out."

The show began with a message on the back screen about the band beginning in Jacksonville, Florida in 1969, and playing The Beacon in 2009. It said The ABB and their guests would like to dedicate these shows to the man who started it all. Then there was a beautiful slide show of Duane photos, including some with Delaney and Bonnie and other friends, while Warren Haynes and Derek Trucks played a beautiful “Little Martha.”  There wasn’t a dry eye in the house.

In an evening of perfectly chosen songs, The Brothers kicked off with the first two songs from their very first 1969 record, “Don’t Want You No More” and “It’s Not My Cross to Bear.” When Gregg Allman opened his mouth to sing, it was like gold. He sounded amazing. Actually, it quickly became apparent that this was going to be a magical night, as Warren and Derek, Butch, Jaimoe and Mark, and Oteil all sounded equally stellar.

Then came an amazing cover of Dr. John’s “Walk On Gilded Splinters” that found Gregg ripping it up on some New Orleans style piano like I have never seen. Ah, so good.

Warren Haynes
kicked off “Same Thing,” and it rocked, fellow babies. Oteil tossed in a simply amazing bass solo on the coolest looking, character ridden, classic Fender bass - made me wonder if it was one of Berry Oakley’s old ones. I will have to ask.

This was followed by a new instrumental, a slow tune that is quite catchy. By this point I was just becoming enamored with Derek Trucks’ playing. I mean, I have seen him many times. I used to see him at Al’s Pumphouse here in Greenville when he was 12, for goodness sakes, and he was hot then. But tonight, he sounded a whole lot like ol’ Skydog himself. Amazing.

“Midnight Rider” was next with Gregory staying behind the B-3 rather than strapping on his acoustic, and he followed that with a balls to the wall “Leave My Blues at Home.”

Then came the first guest of the evening. Gregg introduced Taj Mahal to a roaring crowd, as the band led into “44 Blues” with Taj singing his heart out and blowing a mean ass blues harp. Mahal followed with his classic “Leaving Trunk,” and then blew everyone away with lead vocals on “Statesborro Blues,” singing the original lyrics, “Well my mama died and left me reckless, Papa died and left me wild, I ain’t good lookin’ baby but I’m somebody’s angel child.” And with that, Warren announced a break.

Set to found the Allmans welcoming Levon Helm and his band, Brian Mitchell, Teresa Williams and Larry Campbell to the stage for a romping “Ophelia.” Man it was good to see Levon playing and singing so well. I recall a few years back his voice was all but gone, and tonight he sounded like a million bucks in cash money.

I was extremely happy they chose to play “I Shall Be Released” next. For years I closed every show I did with this powerful song, but I could never make it sound like Levon and The Allman Brothers did this evening. Beautiful.

Levon’s final song was the classic rock staple “The Weight,” and the crowd went nuts when Taj Mahal stepped out of the wings to sing the third verse. It was a jam, kids. I love it.

As a matter of record, the liquid light show was astounding. Very sixties and downright mesmerizing.

“Black Hearted Woman” was killer, and ended with the Fillmore East album cover projected behind the band. How cool is that? Then I nearly levitated from my seat when the boys took off on :Stormy Monday.” Gregg’s smokey vocals never sounded better, and how about it for them guitar players?

Derek took off on “Mountain Jam,” and while I didn’t time it, it had to be 45 minutes of some of the best old school jamming ever played. The band said good night, but nobody was leaving quite yet. They returned for a rousing rebel yell of a closer with “Southbound,” capping off a truly monumental evening. Gregg said before the encore, “Thank y’all so much, ya hear?” The South was alive and well in Manhattan.

See set list below... Tomorrow: Our look at night number two.

Keep it Real. Keep it Southern.

Little Martha
Don’t Want You No More
It Ain’t My Cross To Bear
Walk On Gilded Splinters
Same Thing
New Instrumental
Midnight Rider
Leave My Blues at Home
44 Blues  (w/ Taj Mahal)
Leaving Trunk  (w/ Taj Mahal)
Statesborro Blues(w/ Taj Mahal)

Ophelia  (w/ Levon Helm and his band)
I Shall Be Released  (w/ Levon Helm and his band)
The Weight  (w/ Levon Helm and his band)
Black Hearted Woman
Stormy Monday
Mountain Jam


For further Allman Brothers Band interviews and articles please visit:
Six Degrees of Swampland: The Allman Brothers Band

 Please also visit our 2009 Beacon Page to see reviews of every show



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buzzman says...

Buff-Your review takes the guilt away for not being there. Taj, Levon, and the works....God, what do I do to make these goosebumps go away? Very, very nice.

outlawcountry says...

Great review. Just like being there. Think I'll plug in the phones and listen to Eat a PEach for peace.

livenyc says...

Buffalo, great review-- I can't wait to see who else joins them as the month goes on. I'll be celebrating this run all month long. Is anyone going to any good post shows? As of now I'm heading to Sullivan Hall after the Allmans on 3/21 (Blues & Lasers are on at midnight) and 3/26--Eric Krasno & Chapter at 11:30. What else is going on??

coconut1955 says...

Awesome review Buffalo. Would have loved to have been there.

Thelaststooge says...

Great reivew and it made me feel like i was there, i could feel the excitement in the review. I am going to Wanee, June will not come soon enough.

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