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Whatever You Want (featuring Cody Dickinson)

by: Olga Wilhelmine Munding

Album Artwork

(219 Records)

Olga Wilhelmine Munding's latest release, Whatever You Want, was written with the North Mississippi Allstars' Cody Dickinson. Olga revealed to me the genesis of this collection: "It's definitely a departure from what either of us have done in the past. We recorded it in 2009 during the time that Jim (Dickinson) got sick and then passed, and I went through my divorce and now I'm finally ready to release it. We decided to do a more pop 80s sort of thing since we're both huge fans of that stuff. The tunes do retain a lot of soul though..."

Whatever You Want is dedicated to Jessie Mae Hemphill and Jim Dickinson. These songs were recorded at Black Wings Studio in Water Valley, Mississippi, by Emmy-winning Winn McElroy. The melodic "Whatever You Want" commences the album. Olga and Cody played all of the instruments on these sessions.

This is not a blues-based album. "They Want More" counts as a 'radio-friendly' track that contains subtle licks most pop musicians never learn to attain. "Call Me When You Figure It Out" straddles genres of music that provides a strength to this composition. Olga's smooth voice operates at a zenith on this tune.

"Just Take Your Time" sounds so good Alex Chilton would be proud. "Birds of Sorrow" exists as raw sugar. "Little Is Known" contends as high-grade pop music, and "Better In Some Way" contains seeds of an R & B origin. "Nothin' More To Say" reveals a hard-truth lyrical sentiment: "Silver linings don't always shine/When holdin a candle for the first time/But it glows on me, and now I know/Time I'm a showin' you the door..."

"Don't Look Back" evokes a sonic trance, and stands as one of this collection's gems. The final cut, "Time for Somebody New", proves these musicians intended to embrace change, and forward progression. Whatever You Want sounds timeless...

James Calemine


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