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Blues Babe

by: Olga Wilhelmine Munding

Album Artwork

(219 Records)

Blues Babe represents Olga's first solo release. There are no guest musicians on this recording--just the songwriter and her instrument. On Blues Babe, Olga plays acoustic, electric & classical guitars, tambourine, chimes, recorder, washboard, tap shoes and slide (with an antique silver knife).

These songs adhere to the stark Mississippi Delta-style musical ethos. "One Good Man" serves as the album's first tune, and it's impressive. Olga's electric guitar-playing is formidable, but augmented with her sultry voice render a potent combination. On "Gotta Put My Hands On You" Olga picks acoustic guitar and sings the song in a way that is beyond convincing.

"My Baby Blue" counts as a gem--a haunted girl singing to her fading lover. These simple songs conjure emotion--whatever Olga chooses to convey. Her voice hooks the listener on "The Way We Were". "I'm Off Your Sugar", a revenge ditty, rocks along and displays Olga's deft slide playing. "Can't Keep A Good Girl Down" is a timeless blues song...no matter the year it was recorded.

"Ain't It True (My Love For You)" retains a spooky element in the quiet fabric of this number. "I See Through You" displays more fine slide playing by the songwriter. "Please Lay Me Down" is an un-wanted goodbye tune that evokes something in every listener, if they've been around the block a time or two.

On the final track, a Buddy Bolden song--"219 Train"--Olga sings in a way that conjures an image of seeing the girl you love--or who loves you--at the train station for the very last time. Blues Babe verifies Olga is a true, soulful force...

James Calemine


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