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The Truth

by: Superswamp Heroes

Album Artwork

Pawley’s Island, SC brings us a fresh, new Southern Rock band with a fistful of excellent songs and a whole lot of musical passion. On this, their debut album, the quartet steps up to the plate ready to smack one out of the park. 

“Living Proof” gets things rockin’ Southern style right out of the chute with distorted crunch guitars and really excellent vocals. I am already thinking “I like these guys.”

“Blackberry Shine” rocks along with a swampy feel, with a lyric about sipping good ol’ Carolina moonshine, and “Lydia Mill” begins with a Skynyrd style guitar groove, and tells the story of growing up in a mill village and how things changed after the closing of the cotton mill.

The title track, “The Truth” begins with an acoustic ballad intro before kicking it into fifth gear with great harmonies and crunching guitars, and “Southern Pride” boasts a lyric would make Hank Williams, Jr. envious.

“Good for the Gettin’” may be my favorite track here, a fired up, Jack Daniels fueled tribute to Southern Rock with shout outs to Skynyrd, Tucker and more. It’s attitude and Southern pride wrapped in a hard rocking package. I like it.

“Black River” is as swampy as it gets,  and “Honkytonk Man” has some pretty damn cool slinky slide guitar. “Wild Turkey” is a flat picking, acoustic romp that closes the album out is real style. I love this track.

Some of the songs are stronger than the others, and a couple are actually pretty great. When all is said and done, Superswamp Heroes turn in a very good debut. They may not have knocked it out of the park on their first at bat, but watch out when they come back into the batters box. All that talent and a little more experience could put them on top at the end of the ninth.

-Michael Buffalo Smith

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lashes says...

One hell of a CD. I love it.

copperhead says...

OK where do I get this CD??????

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