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Stompin' Room Only

by: Marshall Tucker Band

Album Artwork

The Marshall Tucker Band
Stompin’ Room Only

(Shout! Factory)

Who says you can’t go back? With Stompin’ Room Only, we get a chance to return to the glory days of The Marshall Tucker Band’s original lineup- Doug Gray, Toy Caldwell, Tommy Caldwell, Jerry Eubanks, Paul Riddle, and George McCorkle - for a never before released live recording from the seventies. It’s a project that was supposed to come out on Capricorn Records back in 1977, but never did. Then the master tapes were lost, only to resurface in the 21st century, just in time for the 30th anniversary of South Carolinas favorite Sons of the South.

The bulk of Stompin Room Only was recorded during the Tuckers 1976 tour of Europe, with a pair of tracks recorded in the Milwaukee in 1974, and a smoking version of B.B. King’s “The Thrill is Gone,” recorded during Charlie Daniels’ Volunteer Jam, and featuring appearances by Charlie and Dickey Betts. Doug Gray gives his vocal cords a true workout, and exposes his blues-gospel roots with true Southern passion.

The set kicks off at The Hammersmith Odeon in London, with the band’s Grammy nominated instrumental, “Long Hard Ride,” before launching into one of Toy Caldwell’s finest, “This ol’ Cowboy. “ It does the heart good to hear that Toy Caldwell guitar once again, highlighted by brother Tommy’s driving bass.

Also featured is George McCorkle’s “Fire On The Mountain,” another Top 40 hit, with Toy on pedal steel. The hits just keep coming, like ghosts of old friends - “Searchin’ For A Rainbow,” “Take The Highway,” “Can’t You See,” “Blue Ridge Mountain Skies,” “Hillbilly Band,” and a passionate “Ramblin’,” “24 Hours At A Time” spotlights everyone, from Doug’s vocals to Toy and George’s guitars, to Tommy’s bass (solo!), to Paul T’s drums, Jerry’s sax and special guest - and a lifetime friend of the MTB - Charlie Daniels on fiddle.

A wise man once told me, “it’s all about timing.” Well, he was right. I can think of no better time for Stompin’ Room Only to come out than right now. It’s a spiritual thing. A reminder of all these beer and smoke filled nights of our high school days, standing right at the front of the stage with a perpetual grin, watching Toy Caldwell smoke the strings of his Les Paul - watching Tommy Caldwell drive the band to jams that would make any of today’s so-called jam-bands envious. The Marshall Tucker Band live. Often imitated. Never duplicated.

- Michael Buffalo Smith

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