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So, You Want To Be A Bullfighter

by: American Anodyne

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So, You Want To Be A Bullfighter is the North Atlanta band American Anodyne's first release. The group's official bio states: "Soaked in moonshine and forged from gold, American Anodyne is a band melded in the furnace of Appalachia. These truly southern gentlemen are creating a brand of Americana reminiscent of '70's outlaw country while embracing the sentiments of modern times. American Anodyne's music convey tales of small town life and portrays the hardship of living in the 'new depression'. With songs depicting a lust for the open road, heartbreaks, and handguns their no-holds-bar style of portraying life in the south is honest and authentic."

Members of American Anodyne include: Erick Jones (vocals & guitar), Chris Thacker (lead guitar), Kevin Rainwater (drums) and Justin Minchew (bass). "Radio Rainwater" opens the CD with a radio broadcast intro on a rainy day. "Wilco Cyndi", a foot-on-the-pedal rocker, tells a story of Georgia red clay, Novas, a mean woman and "two greasy spoons a day".

"The Anniversary" counts as a great country song from a sad lady's perspective that stands as a fine piece of songwriting, and Thacker's emotive guitar solo is worth noting. "Wheels" emerges as an open-road, adrenaline-laced tune that reveals an addiction to passing miles. "Get In the Car Laura Jane" conjures images of winding roads that lead towards to Texas.

Shit-kicking moxie propels "Call My Brother" that tells the story of a hardworking man on a Friday night of hi-jinx. "Bastard Sons of the New Depression" operates as the centerpiece song on So, You Want To Be A Bullfighter. "I'm out of work/Out of luck/Uninsured/And I'm pretty much stuck" are the opening lines to this song. This composition captures the spirit of the world's 'New Depression'. This one hits home. I don't know one person who wouldn't like this tune. Every line is stone truth...

The final track, "El Dorado, Dark Blue" casts an indigo light from this sparse acoustic landscape. Quiet desperation echoes through this tune that paints a story about leaving the past behind. American Anodyne possess a rare degree of soul and storytelling in these dark, and depressive economic times. Great stuff.

James Calemine


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