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Never A Pal Like Mother

by: Dust To Digital

Album Artwork

(Dust To Digital)

Never A Pal Like Mother, Dust To Digital’s latest release, counts as a book that contains “vintage songs and photographs of the one who’s always true”. Rosanne Cash wrote the Foreword to this beautiful book. 65 antique photographs from noted collectors Sarah Bryan and Jim Linderman lace this collection.

Also included in the rare package are 40 recordings from 1927-1956 from esteemed 78-collector Joe Bussard. Sarah Bryan wrote the essay to this 96 page hardback book that includes two CDs. In Rosanne Cash’s words “The songs in this collection wail, grieve, rock, celebrate, and worship Mother, and occasionally acknowledge her failings. As a whole, this music paints a rich and compelling portrait of a time that no longer exists.”

The book’s photographs include mothers of all color, age and circumstance. Musical highlights on these two CDs include the Louvin Brothers singing “God Bless Her, She’s My Mother”, William McCoy’s “Mama Blues”, Rev. J.M. Gates rendering “You Mother Heart Breakers”, The Carter Family’s “Hold Fast to the Right”, Bob Wills performing “Tie Me to Your Apron String Again” and The Blue Sky Boys’ version of “Mother Went Her Holiness Way”.

Never A Pal Like Mother represents another gem in the Dust To Digital treasure trove.

James Calemine

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