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Long Live All of Us

by: Glossary

Album Artwork

(Last Chance Records)

Long Live All of Us counts as Glossary's 7th studio album. Glossary hails from Murfeesboro, Tennessee. They transformed a house in rural Rockvale, Tennessee, into a studio where they recorded these well-crafted 12 songs.

Band members include Bingham Barnes (bass), Eric Giles (drums), Kelly Kneiser (vocals, percussion), Todd Beane (pedal steel, guitar, vocals) and Joey Kneiser (vocals, guitar). Jim Spake ( Al Green, Alex Chilton) and Nahshon Bedford (Snowglobe, Lucero) contribute amazing horn playing on this album. Joey Kneiser serves as the group's main songwriter. He explained the psychic backdrop for Long Live All of Us:

"For us, the setting was like, a perfect Glossary song. A house with a church on one side and a condemned meth lab wrapped in police tape on the other. The rock & roll dream. Living together, writing and recording all day. When everything in the world seems to remind us of what we're doing wrong. with this album, we wanted to remind people of what they're doing right. The best thing that we have going as human beings is each other."

"Touble Won't Last Always" opens the disc, and one can hear glorious musical codes of The Band. "A Shoulder To Cry On" contains vibrant horns that color this strong, simple tune. "The Flood" emits a high twang in this free-flowing tune that showcases the harmonies between Joey and Kelly Kneiser.

"Cheap Wooden Cross" ranks as one of Joey Kneiner's strongest compositions. To this writer, "Nothing Can Keep Me Away" is the centerpiece song on Long Live Us All. To hear Kneiser sing "There ain't no glory in living/If you can't learn to live with the pain" the listener must has to agree with him.

The moody sonic atmosphere on "Everything Comes Back" allows for a different sensory texture, and the album continues to gain steam. "When We Were Wicked" emerges as the first real chock full of grit number on the collection, and "Heart Full Of Wanna" continues to step on the pedal. Todd Beane's guitar playing begins to shine at this point.

The mid-tempo "Keep It Coming" navigates towards a loose, pop-laced avenue. Old soul soaks the tune "Under A Barking Moon". "Some Eternal Spark", a sparse acoustic song, features beautiful harmonies and a great song within the lyrics "If this is all we ever get/I'll learn to live with it without regret." The closer, "Ghosts In Vapor" sounds like an early morning fog descending on a day that will forever render things different. What a tune...

Long Live All Of Us ranks as one of 2011's best releases. Glossary will hit the road with Lucero in November.

James Calemine


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