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Hide The World

by: Dodd Ferrelle

Album Artwork

(Two Sheds Records)

Dodd Ferrelle has been playing throughout Georgia and beyond for over 20 years. Hide The World counts as this Athens, Georgia, musician's latest release. Recorded by David Barbe, this collection contains some of Ferrelle's strongest material.

This 36-minute album features some of the finest musicians in Athens including Ferrelle, David Barbe, Drive By Trucker John Neff, Barbara Cue's William Tonks, Quick Hook Jon Mills, Kyle Spence, Noel Blackmon and David Van Wyk.

The adrenaline-laced "Control" opens Hide The World as a moody gem.  The title track captures an open valley sonic landscape where a few certain progressions evoke another era. Ferrelle wrote this about his song "Sucker Punch Town": "First let me say, I love Athens, Georgia. I have loved living here and I enjoy raising my family here, but there is a part of Athens that scares the hell out of me. It's Sucker Punch Town and some of my friends are stuck in that part of town. That being said, I'm sure there is a Sucker Punch Town in every city. "

The country-steeped "Half-Broken" emits a melodic visual tapestry that leads the listener down a rural dirt road. "Then I Thought of You", an acoustic composition, showcases just the songwriter and his instrument.

Ferrelle wrote the rocking "Such A  Beautiful Thing" in a North Georgia cabin regarding his natural surroundings. Ferrelle revealed in the liner notes about the tune "Empty Room": "This one is still working on me. It's spooking me. I write these songs that don't let me know who they are until years I have known them. I like these songs. They keep me in suspense..."

"One Of Us" closes the album with a trademark David Barbe sound. Dodd Ferrelle's HideThe World captures the spirit of a real rock & roll troubadour...

James Calemine


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