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Free and Easy

by: Charlie Tatman

Album Artwork


Charlie Tatman rocks, brothers and sisters. Sporting a whiskey soaked voice and a smoking guitar, the big Ohio man has true Dixie heart, and it comes through loud and clear in this collection, especially in songs like “Redneck Son of the South,” which is a Southern Rock anthem if ever there was one. It’s drenched in Skynyrd style drums, slinky slide guitar and awesome piano and harp. Absolutely killer.

“Gypsy” begins with a real “Free Bird” style piano, before breaking into a downright beautiful ballad that will please any true Southern Rocker. In fact, Walt Cunningham’s piano is a treasure throughout this opus.

While almost all of these great songs were penned by Charlie, he does include an amazing country rocker called “You Can Have What’s Left of Me,” written by none other than Ronnie Keel, former leader of the metal hair band, Keel, now a country performer.

“Nothing Lasts Forever” starts out with a Toy Caldwell sounding guitar riff, and builds into another great song. In fact, you’d be hard pressed to find a single dud on this record. From the rocking “Last of a Dying Breed,” a song that would be right at home on a Bruce Springsteen record, to the beautiful and introspective “I Am Somebody,” to the Dobro laced “No Man’s Shadow,” it’s all good. No, cancel that. It’s all downright great. One of the best records I have heard all year. Great songwriting, great playing, and a fresh vocal sound filled with Southern fried passion.

-Michael Buffalo Smith

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PJ says...

I agree TOTALLY - listened to the CD & it was fantastic!!

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