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Where The Wild Puppies Are

Posted: Oct 29, 2009

It's been quite a magical day here in the land of the Buffalo.

First, I opened the front door this morning to find a downright adorable, and quite lost, puppy staring up at me on my front porch. He looked a lot like the old movie star dog Benji, only thinner. He appeared to have not eaten in a while, and wore no collar.

We hooked him up with some puppy food and water, and he lapped it up to beat the band. I called the animal cops while we sat on the porch and played with the young fella. I felt like I was already starting to become attached to the pup, who was as playful and sweet as any I have ever seen.

After downing two bowls of food, he did his business in my front yard, (Tnanks Boots! I had named him boots because the brown haired pup had four matching white "boots.") he was ready to go when the animal cop dropped by to take him to the Humane Society, where he would no doubt be adopted quickly. I would have kept him, but I was araid my two Jack Russell terriers might mistake him for a squirrel.

Soon we were off to the movies. I had gotten a little behind on movie reviews, so Jill and I tossed all caution to the wind and went to Where The Wild Things Are. I will review it soon, but it was just a joy, just like the book.

When I got home I dove into the stack of CDs I have here for review, and pulled out the new one from Sister Hazel, a great band from Florida that I have really been enjoying for several years. After a couple of plays, I wrote my review. Check it out here.

I was about to wind down my day when the phone rang and it was my buddy Justin McCorkle, son of the late great George McCorkle. We talked for a while, and it just put a nice cherry on top of a really nice day. Good music, good movies, good friends and one cool puppy.  The good things in life.

Keep it Real. Keep it Southern.



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michaelbuffalo says...

Thank you Sandy. No, I didn't have "Boots" long enough to snap a pic. That is a pic of "Benji" from the movies. :-)

sandybluesky says...

What a sweet story Michael. I really hope to meet you someday. You must have a great spirit and aura. Is that the actual puppy in the photo? He is so cute.

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