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Today's Conversation with Widespread Panic Bassist Dave Schools Regarding Current Tour with The Allman Brothers Band

Posted: Sep 02, 2009

Widespread Panic Bassist Discusses Tour with Allman Brothers Band

An hour or so ago I just got off the phone with Widespread Panic bassist Dave Schools. Dave’s in Chicago for the final night of the Panic/Brothers tour before they take a month off and start back up again for some southern dates in October. The tape seems to be suffering from technical difficulties, so I wanted to get a few quotes up from Dave that I wrote down before I struggle with this devil-possessed machine.

We discussed the potent combination of members from each band sitting in on the other’s set. “People need to get here early—even if the show starts at 6PM on a Thursday,” Dave said. I mentioned the bands were really like family since they’ve all crossed paths over the years…Jimmy Herring playing with the Brothers…Dave playing with Warren Haynes in The Mule…Derek Trucks serving as a utility player…

“Butch Trucks is having the most fun he’s had in years. Just watching him play the drums is like watching a train careen down a mountain.” Playing with Warren Haynes, Dave replied, “is like stepping into an old pair of comfortable shoes.” Derek Trucks sat in with Panic last night, and he “was singing angelic voices with his guitar.”

“On this tour, everybody is a superstar,” Dave told me. I mentioned I was sorry to miss Gregg Allman singing Bob Dylan’s “Just Like A Woman” last night. “We did a slow tempo version of Gregg singing that song. He really knows what he’s doing about the songs he chooses to sing.” I told Dave I’d catch the tour next month, and we could do another interview. “I think I need to drink less coffee when you interview me because I’m so intrigued by your questions I just go on and on…”

Dave mentioned Panic will go into an Athens studio later this month to begin work on their new batch of songs for their next studio album. At the end of the conversation, I asked Dave if he’s heard the latest rock and roll news today? Charlie Watts leaving The Rolling Stones. “No. Really?” he replied, “I don’t want to hear that…”

Now I’ll attempt to transcribe the interview in its entirety. More soon,

James Calemine

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jcalemine says...

Many thanks...more Panic coverage later this month, and of course October will prove a historic run for the Brothers Panic. Time to stop and smell the roses...

soupdawg says...

James, The more Panic coverage the better. Looking forward to any and all interviews/stories you can provide on these legends. Long time Panic fan, can't get enough. Saw this current tour opening night 8/21 and 5 days later 8/26 in Bethel, NY. Utterly amazing seeing these two bands together...but I have to say it. Panic stold the show.

krantz99 says...

Great stuff! The tour is obviously going very well musically. Did you catch that later last night Warren, Derek and Oteil all went to I think it was Buddy Guys club and played with Larry McCray?

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