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To Our Friends in Murfreesboro, Tennessee

Posted: Apr 11, 2009

In Murfreesboro, Tennessee, 30 miles southeast of Nashville,  42 homes were destroyed and 140 confirmed damaged as part of a bizarre weather situation spawning tornadoes across the Southeast last night. The weather is being blamed for three deaths and dozens of injuries. A 22-year old mom and her 9-week old daughter were both killed in Murfreesboro, where 41 others were injured.

According to reports as many as 4 tornadoes could have swept through the Middle Tennessee community of 105,000. 

As one who has visited (and even considered moving to) Murfreesboro, I was shocked and saddened by the news. I have friends who live there, and happily, they escaped without injury, although at least one GRITZ reader lost his home in the storm.

Murfreesboro is a great city, and holds the destinction of being the home of the very first ever Volunteer Jam held by Charlie Daniels and his band.

Here in Upstate S.C., we were on red alert throughout the evening, with funnel clouds being reported throughout our area. It was quite spooky, to say the least. We were very fortunate.

We at GRITZ want to send our prayers and well wishes to the people of Murfreesboro, with high hopes that everyone will be alright and the city can be reborn, bigger and better than ever. Our hearts go out to the family of the woman and daughter who lost their lives.

Keep it Real. Keep it Southern God Bless.


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palmettopirate says...

I live in Lebanon which is about 20 miles as the crow flies from Murfreesboro. Needless to say we were all dodging the storms and many of us were lucky. Except for those poor folks in Murfreesboro. My thoughts and prayers indeed go out to them!

Ironman says...

100 comments on Billy Bob and none on the tragedy in middle Tennessee. What does that tell you?

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