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Charlie Daniels: Six Degrees of Swampland


"Bocephus and Charlie Daniels, to me, changed the whole outlook of country. To me, those two artists, at the time were the ones who were country... but they were also Southern Rock." -Bo Bice

"Charlie is so sweet. My Mom set in the control room. It can be boring in there and Charlie sat there and told her the history and just couldn't do enough for her. Charlie calls me Sister Bonnie, and he has prayed for me when I was getting sober and dying of alcohol abuse. He would say, aren't you tired little Sister, aren't you ready to come home now? He knew that I had been raised in the church and knew I had done too much to get back righteously. I feel like it was Charlie, Hazel and Carolyn (Corlew) and them that prayed me back home. All of this is true and people need to start putting things where they are now and give people credit for what they have done spiritually, forget all the other stuff. We need to say thank you, man, I couldn't have done it without you. We need one another and must help one another now." -Bonnie Bramlett



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