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The Virgin Spring (Revisited)

Posted: May 11, 2009

The Virgin Spring

Greetings…a quick peek from behind the curtain in this virgin spring…I’m rendering finishing touches on my interview with Widespread Panic archivist Horace Moore as well as a look at Panic’s new Archival Series. It’s worth the wait…

Part One of my extensive interview with Dust To Digital’s Lance Ledbetter as well as a lost Q & A with the Rolling StonesChuck Leavell are the next wave of Features. Ryan Bingham’s new CD review is on the way along with reviews of Dylan’s Together Through Life and Steve Earle’s Townes. Also, I’ll be interviewing writer Barney Hoskyns this week regarding his new Tom Waits biography. So many other topics come to mind…

For instance, Stanley Booth’s report on his weekend at Princeton last weekend. Reviews about and written by Booth’s wife—Diann Blakely—wait long in the wings and soon will see the light of day. Highlights on New Orleans legend Bobby Charles, Jonathan Wilson, The Black Crowes, Paul Hemphill, Cormac McCarthy, Harry Crews, Jim Dickinson, Patterson Hood , Ike Stubblefield and a few others linger on the immediate horizon.

I hope everyone enjoyed Mother’s Day. Spring brings out the fever in us all…we’re all about to feel it…pending change…just try to keep smiling. I’d also like to send out a birthday greeting to my brother in arms—Bloodkin’s Eric Carter. Duty calls…yet again,

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James Calemine


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michaelbuffalo says...

No wonder I can't raise you on the phone brother, you are busier than a hyperactive beaver! Looking forward to all the articles. I am, after all, your biggest fan. (Not, of course, in an Annie Wilkes kind of way, of course.)

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