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The Life of Buffalo: A Brief Explaination

Posted: Dec 17, 2009

Greetings Fellow Travelers

I wanted to take just a moment to explain what has been going on this week. Our usual postings have been somewhat thrown off track due to personal events in the life of your's truly.

Firstly, my daughter Hannah and grandaughter Zoe flew in from Hawaii a couple of days ago, so the famly reunion coupled with a spunky one-year-old has had me jumpin' like a cat on hot tin, as Billy Gibbons says.

The kids look great, and baby Zoe has grown like a kudzu weed since I last saw her last year.

My father in law, Dr. Robert McLane,  went into the hospital on Friday, was diagnosed with terminal lymphoma on Saturday and passed away on Sunday. Needless to say our house has been a hub of activity. The funeral was today under cold but sunny skies. Now the weather man is calling for ice and snow. Rest in peace Bob.

Please keep checking back. We will get the train back on track very, very soon. Meanwhile, do me a big favor and let the ones you love know it. Life is too short not to.

Keep it Real. Keep it Southern.


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Chris Horn says...

Oh, man, Buff...sorry to hear about the passing of your father-in-law. Hang in there, and just remember to make the most out of every minute with that darling little girl! I'll keep you and yours in my prayers and thoughts. Po' Boy

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