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The Kids are Alright

Posted: Aug 13, 2008

It has been a summer to remember, to be sure. Lots of good music, movies and fun. But the most important thing that took place this summer in my life involved my two children, Ben and Hannah. Well, technically, they are my step-children, but since I have been a part of their lives since they were tiny kids, I consider them my kids. Not to take anything away from their biological father, Joe. He’s a great guy.


Austin and Benjamin

This summer saw not one of the kids, but both, getting married. Hannah, our 20-year-old, got married on April 30, 2008. She moved to Hawaii to be with her Navy hubby J.C., and is expecting her first baby around September 30.

Benjamin married Austin Heard here in Greenville on August 2, 2008 in a stunningly beautiful ceremony.

Both kids seem to be happier than ever before, and that makes me happy. I certainly miss Hannah a lot, but get to speak with her quite often via the magic of cell phones and e-mail.

There is a lot of excitement around the anticipation of the baby’s arrival. Zoe is her name. I have been dreaming about what the little girl is going to look like. Both Hannah and J.C. are good looking kids, so chances are, Zoe will be a beauty. Actually, I’ll be happy if she is healthy, that’s the most important thing.


Hannah  (Much Love Photography)

Hannah’s husband J.C. is a good Navy man, and he absolutely loves surfing. Hawaii is a good place for him. He also loves playing drums. Rock on, James.

Hannah has been in constant contact with her mother, making plans for the baby. It has been fun watching them plan the baby room and all of the other amenities.

Benjamin has been dating Austin for several years. She is a sweetheart, and an elementary school teacher. Now there’s a job. Especially these days.

Ben is a great guy and a hard worker. He works with his father in a flooring installation company. He and Austin are both sports fans, especially football and baseball.

I have so many great memories of Ben and Hannah. Me and their mom, Jill, and so many great Holidays, Christmas, Halloween (a family favorite) and of course summer vacations to the beach. And then there was the family drive to Oxford, Mississippi when Ben was trying to decide which college to attend. College of Charleston won out, but that road trip is a happy memory. We took the kids to the Alabama Music Hall of Fame and my buddy Jay Johnson took us on tours of FAME Studios, Jackson Highway and Muscle Shoals Sound. So much history. We also visited Jay’s house and the Southern Rock Allstars, back when my buddy Jakson Spires was still alive.


James C. Maxey

I can truthfully say that neither one of my kids were any real trouble growing up. Maybe a little mishap here and there, but they were really great. No drugs, no issues. Just good kids.

I’ll never forget sports card and comic book shopping with little Ben, and going to Hannah’s countless dance recitals and chorus concerts, and all of Ben’s ball games, little league and high school football are the standout memories. Go number 80.


Jill and her son, Ben.

Now both of my little birds have flown the coup, and it is a pretty quiet place around here. Yes, that is a positive, but it is also kind of sad. Still, I am so happy for both of my kids. I can rest easy at night with a smile on my face, knowing, as The Who once sang (and the Boxmasters rocked out on last weekend), “the kids are alright.” I love you Hannah and Ben - and Austin and J.C. .... and soon, baby Zoe Kye.

Keep it Real. Keep it Southern.

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stellaguitar says...

I went to the photo site. Your Hannah truly is a beauty with a baby bump.

tuckerhead says...

Great article man. Keeping God and family first is what its all about.

coconut1955 says...

Great looking kids Michael. I know you are proud. Your wife is a knockout too. Keep up the great writing.

Ironman says...

This is what I love about you Micheal. You are an amazing talent and yet you put your family first. Very cool Micheal. I do agree with wayne, Hanna is a knockout. JC needs to be careful. :=)

waynep says...

Damn Buffalo, your girl is hot! I know, I know, MARRIED. And I don't want my ass kicked by a surfer dude! But she is beautiful. I went to Much Love and seen all the pics! Beautiful family and your wife id hot too!

rebyll says...

Love and Good Luck to all involved!!!!

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