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The Cities That Gave Us Southern Rock

Posted: Jun 20, 2008

I find it interesting just how many of our greatest Southern Rockers come from the same cities. Especially our number one city for Southern Rock, Jacksonville, Florida. Check out our list of the Top Ten Cities in Southern Rock History. And by all means, let us know what you think.  See you down the road.

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Ironman says...

Oh I think Athens is for sure a southern rock town whether they like it or not. I'll bet Atlanta was number eleven. Am I right, Buff??

palmettopirate says...

What; No Atlanta! That's where Skynyrd was discovered and so many great Southern Rock bands played. The Fox! Need I say more. Also got to put Spartanburg a little higher. Yea the Allman's were born here in Nashville but hated the music scene and had to play around Daytona Beach, FL where they grew up and people got their sound ( hadn't much changed here by the way when it comes to Southern Rock ) Can't argue with your top three. I think Spartanburg or Atlanta should be fourth. Glad to see you give Tupelo a shout. Although Paul Thorn was actually born in Wisconsin! Not sold on Athens being a Southern Rock town. I think the local music crowd there would cringe at the thought! Thank's for the list though Buffalo and opening it up for debate.

copperhead says...

What a tour of cities. So much good music. Buff we opened for a Allman Brothers Cover Band In the late 70s at a place in Spartinburg. It was down town and up a hugh flight of stairs no elevator. I thought we would die getting the B-3 up the stairs. I've never been back but the place had a ton of pool tables and a starnge mix of long hairs and rednecks. One of Guitar players for the cover band played without a pick and had long fingernails . Do you know the name of the place? In Wilmington we opened up for Gary Puckett and the Union Gap. We opened up with a 45 min version of wipping post and the people booed Gary Puckett off the stage. We got fired but our honor was at stake. If you were in MB when Alabama was at the Bowlery we played at Duffys up stairs and at the Ratskeller across from the Gay Dlophine. We were called The cellar wall. I played a black double Bass set of Rogers and the Guitar player played a red gibson hollow body . Our bass played moved to Austin and giged with Willie some. His brothet was Leland Wadell he was mentioned in Steve Earles Bio and Played drums some with Shaver. Did ever meet him? He taught me to play a double bass kit.

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