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SPF Daily Rating: Del Rio Keeps Playing Silly Games #3

Posted: Oct 07, 2009

We guess Jack Del Rio's two game win streak has further emboldened him.

After already playing silly media games with players on two different occasions (here and here) this season, Del Rio is now calling out Quentin Groves, one of his top draft picks from 2008, by saying he was more suited as a back up or on special teams.   Columnist Gene Frenette assumes that this is being done to motivate Groves who was clearly drafted to be an impact player on defense.  (Selected by Del Rio, by the way.)

Although we were surprised by the Jags win over the Titans, we aren't giving Del Rio a gold star yet.  He's certainly circling the wagons and seeing some short term results, but the issues with him and the Jags remain.

This team and this coach have not made a connection with Jacksonville or Florida football fans at large.  Del Rio certainly looks and sounds tough to the national NFL voices who have already liked him more than his own fans, but he isn't necessarily making a big difference.

This Jags team is going nowhere.  It's home games are still blacked out.

We remain steadfast in our belief - bad mouthing his players to the media may feel good now, but it will only hurt the Jags over the long haul. 

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