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SPF Daily Rating: Del Rio Cancels Garrard's Radio Show

Posted: Oct 01, 2009

We hate piling on, but Jaguars coach Jack Del Rio has been asking for it.

Just recently, we wrote about Del Rio's penchant for playing silly games - most of them are designed for the media to show them that he is "in charge" of his locker room.  The latest example of this is word coming down that Jack Del Rio has unilaterally "cancelled" David Garrard's local radio show/segment

According to reports, Garrard's show was intended to be a platform for him to meet fans, answer questions, give away tickets, and preview the team's upcoming game.  Give Garrard credit.  For a team that can't sell any tickets, it sounds like the starting QB is trying to do his part to connect with the local community.

But oh no - not on Del Rio's watch.  Supposedly, Del Rio didn't have a problem with the show but the fact that the show happens late in the week on a Friday.  Garrard actually chose Friday because it didn't interfere with any regular commitments - team or family.

Del Rio's explanation was as follows:

"I've let my feelings be known to David about what's most important late in the week. It's very important for us as a football team to, when you're less than 48 hours from the game, to make sure your attention is on the game, your focus is on the game."

This sounds a bit like he's covering another motive.  First, Garrard did have a stipulation in his contract that any radio shows like this would have to be cleared by the team.  Second, the article even speculates that Garrard's biggest mistake "may have been not keeping Del Rio in the loop."

It doesn't surprise us that Garrard fell right into line.  If not for Del Rio, Garrard might not even be a starting NFL QB.  No offense to him, but Del Rio's support has made Garrard a multi-millionaire.

I guess Jack Del Rio has made his point again for the media's sake.  Yes, everyone has been reminded who's really in charge of the Jaguars.

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