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SEC Daily Fever: Meyer Saga Leaves Doubt Around UF Program

Posted: Dec 30, 2009

What a roller coaster of a week it’s been for Florida Gator fans. The wishy-washy Urban Meyer drama has left a cloud of uncertainty over the program that may continue through the Spring. Meyer “stepped down” from his head coaching position in a stunning announcement Saturday, as he cited health concerns and stress for his needed break. He went into detail about the consuming life of an SEC coach and talked about his family being thrilled to have their Dad back.

But then less than 24 hours later, Meyer said he was drawn back to the UF program after a solid practice and would just need a ‘leave of absence’. That last fact set off media and fan skepticism all over the college football nation.

Was it a sincere change of mind or was there more to the quick about-face?

Did Meyer suddenly stress over the recruiting and other ramifications of an extended departure from the program he took to the zenith of the nation, or was it just an emotional reaction to being back on the practice field?

Many football insiders believe Meyer or the Florida brass looked at recruiting without their head coach, defensive coordinator Charlie Strong and the departed ace recruiter/WR coach Billy Gonzales and did not like the forecast. These questions and others have the Gator fan base, as well as the rest of the SEC, wondering how this scenario will play out after the Bowl, Signing Day, and on into Spring practice.

One local columnist says Meyer is addicted to his job and is struggling through his decision of stepping away. It seems like the recruiting factor is pulling the coach right back into the grind that caused the health issues in the first place. We all know how high the expectations are for a top-level SEC boss and the demands that come with a position like head coach at Florida. Perhaps Meyer will step a way for a while or maybe he will just have to learn to delegate more duties to his assistants.

However this unusual situation plays out, the eyes of college football will definitely be focused on Gainesville throughout the next few months.

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