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SEC Daily Fever: Kiffin denies any wrongdoing

Posted: Dec 11, 2009

In one year on the job at Tennessee, Lane Kiffin has become a lightning rod for the national and regional media. His brash attitude and recruiting prowess has rubbed some writers and some other coaches the wrong way. With the latest news surfacing that the NCAA is looking into some "Vol hostesses" who attended a high school football game, Kiffin said the Vols staff has done nothing wrong and that the story stems from other coaches trying to falsely accuse them.

"I know that we've done a phenomenal job in recruiting," Kiffin said. "I know that it's very competitive around the country with the kids that we go after and within this conference. I think that anytime you're operating at the level we're operating at in recruiting, people are going to come after us.

"People are going to question what we're doing, and as head coach it's my job to make sure that we're doing everything by the rules - and we are. We're excited about the direction we're going, and people will always try to take shots at us, they'll always try to bring us down, but it won't matter."

Kiffin is just the latest SEC coach to come into the league and push the recruiting envelope. Nick Saban saw the media attach his name to the NCAA rule on spring evaluations just last year. Les Miles has dealt with allegations recently, and Gene Chizik saw Auburn sanctioned over their "Big Cat" weekend.

It just goes to prove a point we've made many times-- Recruiting rules college football, and it never ends in the SEC.

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