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SEC Daily Fever: Alabama Playing for National Title and Conference Pride

Posted: Jan 07, 2010

Alabama has played their way back to the national forefront over the last two years, and they will try to cap that run with a victory over Texas in tonight's BCS Championship Game. If the Tide can win, it would be the SEC’s fourth straight National Title and would make the league’s overall BCS Title record to 6-0.

Many fans outside of SEC country have a negative reaction to the chants of "SEC, SEC" that always accompany another big national win. Even though the league's rivalries tend to be vicious in nature, the postseason takes on a different light. Alabama star running back Mark Ingram talks on playing for conference pride:

 "We take pride in our conference," said Heisman Trophy win­ner Mark Ingram. "We're all like rivals, we all don't like each other, but we take pride in each other. In the bowl games, teams that I hate during the season, I root for them in the bowl season because you've got to take pride in your conference. It's such a tough conference and so many great teams, playing in the SEC, you've got to take pride in it."

Nick Saban has the Tide right where they want to be in his third season in Tuscaloosa. A win over Texas will once again show that if you can win the SEC, a National Title is not far behind.

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dude48 says...

I just hope Saban is happy at Bama for their sake. He's an itchy footed SOB.

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