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Rockin' On The Top of The Mountain

Posted: Oct 15, 2007

Our primary goal of the trip, besides handing out the videos, was to shoot the camel on top of the mountain. Carl Weaver’s pet camel, Akbar, that is. Carl wanted Dave Peck to shoot video of the camel for a new logo he is working on. Since we needed to be in Gadsden, Alabama the next morning to shoot the camel, we elected to drive on down to Gadsden that night and rest up for Saturday.

We arrived in Gadsden a few hours later to find all the hotel rooms in town booked. Carl told us to go over to his "band house" to spend the night. Carl also owns and operates the 2nd Street Music Hall in town, and has a really nice old house in town where the bands stay when they come to play at 2nd Street.

Carl had a young lady that works for him meet us at the house and let us in. Meagan was very nice and set us up. Weaver has nice folks all around him, working for him. Smart man.

This place was awesome. I just love old homes like this two story dwelling, and of course, Carl has many conversation pieces sprinkled throughout the house. There’s lots of Allman Brothers memorabilia and Elvis items. Carl is also a big fan of The King. Aren’t we all?

We sat around checking e-mail, watching a little TV and talking about how much fun the trip had been so far. But in a while the beds were calling. We each chose a bed room and the next thing I knew it was another bright fall morning in Bama.

We met Deke Rivers at the club. Deke is a real cowboy. Born in the great Southern State of Missouri and formerly of Florida, Deke’s a man of many talents. He and I spoke at length about how he is a member of the Sons of Confederate Veterans, and the man knows some major Civil War history. He also works on lots of movie sets. He and his family most recently helped with the comedy Evan Almighty, recreating Noah’s ark and filling it with two of every animal.

Deke’s grandfather Johnny Rivers is a famous rodeo cowboy, so Deke gets it honest.

He lead us to the top of the mountain. Now mind you, in all my years as a writer, this is the first time I have ever met a man who owns his own mountain. Weaver bought the majestic, 400 acre mountain, and has worked to build a road to the top, where his barn and animals live.

It was like Dr. Doolittle. There are all sorts of great animals, and they all have cool names. Every animal is sweet and calm, and they all get along, from the pot belly pig Lola to the miniature horse Ric Flair to the miniature sheep, miniature Brahma bulls, a big Texas longhorn, several horses, wild turkeys, fainting goats, everything you can think of. Oh, and the star of our show, Akbar the camel.

I really didn’t know what to expect. I’ve never met a camel face to face, but after a few minutes with Akbar, I was in love. This animal is like a giant puppy. Very loveable.

We hade a blast visiting the animals, and it was great to see Carl out of the hospital with a gleam in his eye.

We had too much fun and a lot of laughs, and met some more of Carl’s crew on the mountain, all good people.

When we left the mountain, Carl took us to one of his favorite places for lunch. The old style building is filled with antiques and memorabilia. On the TV, Alabama was playing Mississippi, and all of the Bama patrons were watching the big game with interest.

The home cooking was great, turnip greens, pinto beans, mashed potatoes, fried green tomatoes, cornbread and tea, all good. We had a lot of fun with Carl, laughing at his witticisms. Soon it was time to give our goodbye hugs to our friend and head back toward Macon, with The Charlie Daniels Band’s great new record Deuces blasting loudly in the van

All we could talk about was how much real fun we had experienced over the past few days. It was one for the books. The latest chapter in The Mythical But True Adventures of Buffalo and GRITZ in the land of Cowboys, animals and one Rockin’ Camel.

Keep it Real. Keep it Southern.



Photos by Buffalo & Dave Peck

Buffalo and Akbar.


The Rockin' Camel.


The Band House.


Scott Boyer and Buffalo.


Donna Hall and Dick Cooper on Dick's laptop.


Buff and Dick Cooper.


Buff and Carl Weaver.


Deke Rivers and horse.






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michaelbuffalo says...

Thanks Curt! Rockin' Camel is indeed cool!

curtbrewer says...

Nothing like making it to the Top of the Mountain! Digg Rockin' Camel Music!!!

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