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Random Thoughts For The Holiday Weekend

Posted: Jul 03, 2009

I just received a call from my son Ben who is vacationing down at Kiwi Island. Seems he and his wife Austin were out for breakfast when he noticed a super tall gentleman in line close to them ordering up some vittles. Ben turned to Austin and said, “Man, that guy looks like Dan Marino.” Well, turns out it was NFL superstar and former Miami Dolphins quarterback Dan Marino, Ben’s all-time favorite player! Ben says he was so shocked he couldn’t even speak. When he went up to get more coffee, Marino was there right beside him. It was Ben’s first experience with being “star struck.” I know how it is. I had many of those experiences in my day!

My buddy Mark Emerick (Commander Cody) called me up the other night and left a message that he heard I had passed away. Well, to quote one of my favorite writers of all time, “the rumors of my death have been greatly exaggerated.” I called Mark and left him a message that it was an honest mistake. Just a typo, I reckoned. Twas not me that passed, but the great "Michael Buffalo Jackson!" (RIP)

The new issue of Rolling Stone has a really great article and interview with Gregg Allman, who is quoted talking about his sixth wife leaving him, “I’m beginning to think it’s me.” Just a great story with a killer two page photo of the ol’ midnight rider himself. Also there is a Barry Beckett obit. Good to see Jann hasn’t completely sold his soul, even if the cover does feature the *gulp* -Jonas Brothers.

Many moons ago when I worked as a bag boy at Community Cash supermarket, I would work mornings with all of these old retired cats. One of them, I forget his name, used to always say, “Hey Michael, are you going to the Fourth this year?” Then he’d grin through cigarette stained dentures. That was his big joke. Well, I am planning at present to drive up to Columbus, North Carolina to “go to the Fourth” on Saturday. Silver Travis is playing on the main stage at The Fabulous Fourth Celebration at 5:50 PM. If you are in the Western N.C. area come and join us. The guys are great.

Here’s wishing every one of you a safe and happy 4th of July Holiday. Be safe. If you drink, please don’t drive.

Keep it Real. Keep it Southern, y’all.



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Avatar says...

I thought the Greg article was the best thing The Stone has done in years.

sandybluesky says...

The Rolling Stone article on Gregory was indeed good. I am happy you caught that Buffalo.

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