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Random Notes: Bo Diddley, MTV Awards, Boxmasters, Winters Jam

Posted: Jun 02, 2008

Well, summer has made it to South Carolina, and it's hotter than Angelina Jolie in a sweat lodge. But I ain't complainin’ none. I am pretty tired of the cold.

It’s a sad day today in the world of rock and roll. Bo Diddley has passed on. I got the news just a little while ago. The Rock and Roll Hall of Famer died at his home in Archer (near Jacksonville), Florida this morning following a long illness. Diddley was 79. Read more about the guitar hero here.

I was watching the MTV Movie Awards last night. There were some genuinely fun moments, including a Wayne’s World reunion of Mike Meyers and Dana Carvey, and several pre-filmed Mike Meyers character sketches, including an animal trainer to the stars and the lady in charge of backstage food for the stars. Funny. And then there was Tom Cruise presenting a Generation Award to Adam Sandler, featuring a hilarious compilation of Sandler film clips.

It was great seeing Robert Downey, Jr. poke fun at himself and his recent ascent to superstardom via Iron Man. I still don’t know what MTV’s criteria is for choosing the nominees, since several of the movies were at least a year or two old. Maybe it’s more about the event than the actual golden popcorn cup after all.

Billy Bob Thornton and The Boxmasters continue to break new ground.  Only this time, it’s coffee grounds.  The online gourmet coffee distributor Coffee Fool in conjunction with The Boxmasters have created a special eclectic Kona blend that's as distinctive as The Boxmasters brand of rock.  This brew reeks diner waffle batter with smokey undertones. The kind you fire up when recovery comes calling the next morning or an ideal  brew to slip slide your day away.   The Boxmasters Special Brew can be ordered by logging on to www.coffeefool.com  and scroll down to 'Famous Fools' on the road.

In other Boxmasters news, the video for “The Poor House,” the lead track from The Boxmasters new CD is currently airing on GAC TV and www.cmtpure.com.  The band will be performing on the Late, Late Show with Craig Ferguson on June 19th. Their cross-country tour kicks off on July 11th.

It’s less than two weeks until The Winters Brothers Band’s Summer Southern Jam in Nolensville, Tennessee. Me and my buddy Scott and his boy Steve are locked and loaded for the trip. I may have to take out a second mortgage to buy the gas, but hey, it’s the jam of the year. What’s a brutha gonna do?

Don’t forget to enter to win the Gator Country CD. Next week we’ll be giving away Tom Coerver and Goin’ South CDs.

Keep it Real. Keep it Southern.

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copperhead says...

I walked 37 miles thru bobwire a cobra snake for neck tie. Who do you love??? Bo Diddley

countryrocker1967 says...

Bo Diddley was the best. I was supposed to see him in concert in few months. What a loss.

sarasmile says...

RIP Bo.... Billy Bob coffee? mmmmmmmm..... I've got to have some....

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