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Next Stop: Wes Freed & The Drive By Truckers

Posted: Jul 13, 2011

Next Stop: Wes Freed & The Drive By Truckers

Here's a quick dispatch this morning in between projects...Later this afternoon I'll interview The Drive By Truckers' graphic artist Wes Freed again. I'm looking forward to hearing about Freed's latest on goings. More Trucker news lingers on the horizon. Next month, the Truckers will play in Athens, Georgia, to celebrate the re-building of the venerable Georgia Theatre in mid-August. Stay tuned for that coverage...

On another Trucker note, look out for an upcoming Swampland interview with Jason Thrasher. Thrasher filmed "The Go-Go Boots Episodes"--a companion piece for the Truckers' latest album Go Go Boots. At the end of July, the Truckers will perform in Florence, Alabama, at the W.C. Handy Festival, where they will play with the Decoys, Donnie Fritts and Spooner Oldham.

Next month, the Truckers tour with Centro-matic. On August 16, The Drive By Truckers will open for Bob Dylan and Leon Russell in Maryland. Lord willin' and the creek don't rise, the Freed interview will be published in a day or so...

Keep On Truckin',

James Calemine


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