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Makin' it Back to Macon

Posted: Jun 27, 2007

The original plan was to go down to Macon a couple of days early and hang out with my friends Dave and Peggy Peck, prior to the Saturday benefit concert for Sid Yoakim. Halfway to Macon on Thursday I received a call informing me that the benefit show had been rescheduled for August. Just as well. Peck and I were planning on making a promotional DVD for my music career and I knew it was going to take some time.

The drive down was troubled. I had just received the news about my friend George McCorkle, and memories of all of our fun times together flooded my mind. Such a sad situation, but we still hold onto hopes and prayers for his recovery.

I arrived at the Peck Compound on Thursday afternoon. The home place is located several miles down a dirt road in an undisclosed location, just outside of Macon. I could pinpoint the exact location, but then we would have to kill you.

The four and a half days at the compound were just what the doctor ordered. Lots of quiet, lots of fun with friends.

The Pecks have the coolest pet on earth.  (Except, of course, for my own Jacks.) Their doggie, Dodah never barks, Well, unless Dave and Peggy start howling to make Dodah “sing.” It's a pretty cool thing to witness.

Peggy is a great cook (with over 1000 cook books in her library!) so needless to say, she cooked some mighty excellent meals, like her herb chicken, which was primo.

On Saturday, Peck and I drove into Macon where we dropped by Muscadine Studios to visit Paul Hornsby. We had a great visit, listening to some of Paul’s Capricorn stories and learning some things about the legendary Southern producer that I didn’t know. I never knew Paul was such a film buff. He collects old films, and apparently has film parties at his home, projecting movies against the side of his house. Pretty cool.

It was a blast seeing Paul again.

Peck showed me some sites around town, some of which I have seen before, some not. One place we visited was the wall behind an old warehouse where The Allman Brothers shot their famous Fillmore East album cover, a wall now covered in hip hop graffiti. And here I thought that photo was shot outside The Fillmore.

Dave and I did a lot of work on our DVD project, hung out and had great discussions about Southern rock, spirit and politics. It was a great road trip, and I can hardly wait to visit again when I go back down for the rescheduled benefit.

Thank you Dave abd Peggy, for being great hosts and friends.

Keep it Real. Keep it Southern.

PHOTOS: Dave and Dodah (MBS Photo), Buff and Paul (Peck Photo)

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