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Lynyrd Skynyrd In The Studio

Posted: Oct 10, 2011

Lynyrd Skynyrd In The Studio

Lynyrd Skynyrdʼs Gary Rossington is In The Studio for the 35th anniversary of theʻliveʼ classic One More From The Road in Dallas, TX- Oct 10, 2011. North American syndicated Rock radio show In The Studio: The Stories Behind Historyʼs Greatest Rock Bands hosts Lynyrd Skynyrd members past and present for the 35th anniversary of their comeback concert classic One More From The Road.

After a mere four studio albums, Lynyrd Skynyrd experienced a significant drop in sales as well as several key personnel changes. But a hastily conceived concert recording set against the backdrop of Americaʼs bicentennial would result in one of themost successful albums of their career, a double LIVE album featuring the bandʼs enormously lauded performance chops.

“In rockʼnʼroll, back in those days, you matured like a dogʼs life. Every seven years is one year, you know”, guitarist Gary Rossington tells show host Redbeard. Growing up poor in Jacksonville Florida made for its own challenges, struggling to become a professional outfit. Rossington points out, “The way we used to change guitar strings, Alan(Collins), Leon (Wilkeson) and I, weʼd always go collect Coke bottles. You get about 10 or 15 Coke bottles and you could buy a new set of strings.”

InTheStudio can be heard on over 50 radio stations across North America. Lynyrd Skynyrd / InTheStudio program will air the week of Oct 10 - 16.


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mclean says...

Should be great to hear Gary and others commnet on this American Institution. Skynyrd might be a southern band but they have huge appeal for blue collar men in the north. I hope I get to hear some Billy Powell and some Ed King comments might be nice as well.

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