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Legends of Southern Rock Guitar Contest Winners Announced

Posted: Jun 29, 2009

Mama always said “All good things must come to an end,” and  with that we wrap up our Legends of Southern Rock Guitar Contest.

Our Grand Prize Winner is Darlene Stevens of Goldsboro, North Carolina. Darlene wins our brand new Dean Playmate guitar with gig bag, signed by Legends of Southern Rock, including.... Rock and Roll Hall of Famer Bob Burns (Lynyrd Skynyrd), Tommy Crain (Charlie Daniels Band), Dennis and Donnie Winters (Winters Brothers Band), Danny Shirley (Confederate Railroad), Paul T. Riddle (Marshall Tucker Band), Tommy Talton (Cowboy), as well as a pair of official GRITZ guitar picks; an 8X10 Glossy Portrait signed by Charlie Daniels; a Speechless CD, the new project from Mainstream South, signed by all three members Steve Perez, Barry Lee Harwood (Rossington Collins Band) and Derek Hess  (Rossington Collins Band); and other surprises.

Darlene’s boyfriend actually sent in the entry for her, and his answer to the bonus question just won our hearts.

“If I win this thing, all winnings will be donated to Darlene’s cause and be raffled off to help Ms Rebyll's "ARK" (Acts of Random Kindness). She was instrumental in getting Jimmie Van Zant here for the Timmy and Hannah Benefit. The last benefit she did, she secured the venue. lights, sound, opening band, food, and Jimmie Van Zant asked her to put it all together and she did it in less than a month. (Jimmie was the headliner for the benefit.)  It was for "Gramma Dukes" Jimmie's PR manager's mother. God rest her soul.  Among other things Ms Rebyll is doing for "ARK" is getting wheel chairs, walkers, crutches, ramps, (including installation) and any and all other medical supplies together to help folks who are low income and can not afford to get these items on their own. She has a lot of friends who will also help her out with transporting all of these items. She loans them out to folks who who REALLY need help. The only catch is, when you don't need it any more, give it back to Ms Reb so it can be given to someone else who needs it. "

Tell me they don't deserve to win.

Second Prize goes to Bill Aldridge of Long Island, New York, and Third Prize goes to Sandy Everett of Austin, Texas. Congratulations to our winners, and thanks for reading Swampland.com!

Keep ut Real. Keep it Southern.

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MsRebyll says...

Awwww Gravyboat.... Its ok you can still win it... I will be selling tickets soon to raffle it off to help someone who needs the help... I will let you know when!!! Send me your email addy through Buffalo!!!

gravyboat says...

Boo! I wanted to win.

MsRebyll says...

SWEET!!! I have a electric wheelchair that someone donated to me that needs a battery (they cost about $400.00). I will be raffling the items so I can get a new battery for it Thank you so much!! Much love god bless and PEACE!! XOXOXOX Darlene

DavidLP says...

Great news......love it

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