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Jackson Crossing Album Update

Posted: Jul 01, 2008

The following item was sent in by my friend Tom Clarke over at Hittin' The Note regarding some of our friends down the road in Spartanburg, SC. -Buff


The debut album by Jackson Crossing, the band that grew from the ashes of SevenMoore (which formed out of an aborted attempt to reunite all the original Marshall Tucker Band players in the mid-'90's), is back on track.

Guitarist Rusty Barclay injured his arm a couple of months ago, right about the time he and singer/songwriter Rick Willis were to reconvene at Paul Hornsby's Muscadine Recording Studio in Macon to fine-tune their guitar parts. The word is that when they were finally able to get down there in mid-June, they really impressed each other with fine performances. Be patient, Southern music fans! This album of original songs will be ready to roll soon, and the heart and soul and rock and swing in it will be well worth the wait. Jackson Crossing is going to be a band to watch. That's for darn sure. Stay tuned please.

-Tom Clarke

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fishingman69 says...

i have a copy of cd, it should be consider one of the best southern rock albums to come out in years. it is hard to believe the amount of talent involed with this band. can't wait to see again. on top of all that all the members are great guys. KEEP ROCKIN BOYS

copperhead says...

I loves Sevnmoore. I can not wait to hear this one. Keeps us posted buff

deltablue says...

I heard them at Jam for George. What a great band! The cd should rock.

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