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Interview of the Week: The Late Great Ace Moreland

Posted: Nov 23, 2009

One of the most interesting characters I was fortunate enough to get to know during the early days of GRITZ was a guitar player named Ace Moreland.

A proud Cherokee and a blues-rocker to beat the band, Ace was born and raised in Oklahoma, where he was close friends with future Lynyrd Skynyrd members Steve and Cassie Gaines.

“He (Steve) was a really good person. He wouldn’t put anybody down. Like this one guy I knew, he was kind of a country singer, a young guy. He played rhythm guitar. He went up to Stevie at one of his breaks and said “Yeah, I play guitar and sing, but I just do country music man. I wish I could play like you do, man. I really like the way you play.” Steve said, “Hey, man. Don’t ever try to be like anybody else. Just do what you do, and do the best you can do. Never try to be somebody else.”

Following a move to Jacksonville, Florida, Moreland was signed to Kingsnake Records, where his career took off.

I remember our interview, how fun and relaxed it was, as well as subsequent phone conversations. Ace was not only a stellar musician, he was a hell of a man. Sadly, the world lost him to cancer in 2003.

Read my 2000 interview with Ace here.

Read Paul Doell’s excellent Ace memorial here.

Keep it Real. Keep it Southern.


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Avatar says...

Great video from Tony. I remember when you first posted the interview with Ace. That's how long I have been following your writing.

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