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GRITZ Movie Reviews: Vantage Point; Definitely Maybe; Roscoe Jenkins

Posted: Feb 23, 2008


The President of the United States is shot during an anti-terrorist summit in Spain, and we get to relive the event time and time again from various vantage points. It is a fresh and brilliant approach to movie making, and it doesn’t hurt things in the least that there is an all-star kick ass cast that includes Dennis Quaid as a “once bitten twice shy” Presidential security officer; William Hurt as the President; Oscar winner Forest Whitaker as a man from the States on vacation with a hand held video camera that manages to tape the whole thing; and Sigourney Weaver as the news director trying to cover all the action with six camera men in the middle of a national terrorist action. Did I say terrorist? Oh yeah, right after the President gets whacked the embassy is blown to kingdom come. Action? You bet! It’s a little Die Hard, a little Lethal Weapon and a whole lot of thrill ride. By no means the “perfect” action film, but pretty darn close.


Going into the theatre, my stomach began to cramp. Oh my God, I thought, another chick flick. I began to envision a theatre packed with middle aged and older women weeping out of control - and that’s just during the sneak previews. Well, as it turned out, I was wrong. I was in the theatre completely alone.

See, this happens ever so often since I go to movies in the middle of the week, first showing most of the time. So I have the theatre to myself. I feel just like Elvis. Except I don’t get to unload a handgun on the screen.

I love Ryan Reynolds’ acting. He made a fan of me when he stared in Blade Trinity. But in Definately, Maybe, Ryan’s Will Hayes is more boring than ZZ Top concert without Billy Gibbons. Basically, he is a popsicle stick with dialogue. But still, he manages to have three hot babes all go for him. What?

Elizabeth Banks is hot as his wife, Emily; Isla Fisher is as cute as can be as April; and Rachel Weisz is hotter than a jalapeno taco as Summer Hartley.  Okay, let me pry my mind out of the testosterone pool, and mention that young Abigaail Breslin turns in another excellent performance as Hayes’ daughter Maya. Cute kid. Loved her ever since Little Miss Sunshine.

I really enjoyed this one, and it wasn’t just because of the three hot chicks, but of course, that didn’t hurt matters at all. Babes rule!

Four Stars.

BABE ALERT: Rachel Weisz  is beauty and brains.

BABE ALERT: Isla Fisher as April, cute and fun.



Martin Lawrence and company turn in a hilariously funny film that made me actually laugh out loud, which I haven’t done in amovie in quite some time. Martin plays Roscoe, aka: RJ, a popular talk show host that is some sort a hybrid cross between Jerry Springer and Oprah. When he becomes engaged to the beautiful winner of the latest Survivor contest, he decides to take her and his son from his first marriage and return home to Georgia for his parent’s 50th wedding anniversary.

James Earl Jones is great as his dad, and Cedric the Entertainer helps to keep the laughs rolling. Babe alert: Nicole Parker Kodjoe is downright breathtaking as Lucinda.

A pleasant surprise. A hilarious comedy.

Four Stars.

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sarasmile says...

I just discovered your website by way of a friend in Frisco. I love it and I appreciate the film reviews. You and I must think alike. I agree with bothe of the reviews I have seen here. Keep up the good work. :-)

deltablue says...

I went to see definately maybe on your recomendation and wanted to say I loved it. I really appreciate the movie reviews.

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