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GRITZ Movie Reviews: The Other Boleyn Girl, Semi Pro

Posted: Mar 06, 2008

After watching the first season of The Tudors on HBO last year, I was locked and loaded for this one. The movie adds quite a lot to the history of King Henry Tudor (Eric Bana) of England and his fascination with Ann Boleyn (Natalie Portman).

I was not aware that he had gone after her sister Mary (Scarlett Johansson)  first, and even impregnated the girl. Although Mary has true feelings for the King, her sister steels him away, and it becomes obvious that Ann will stop at nothing to be the Queen, including, it seems incest. The film is full of beautiful costumes and cinematography, excellent acting and a strong script. A great movie. Just hold onto your head.

Five Stars


BABEWATCH: Even with 48 layers of clothes, Natalie and Scarlett make a guy's heart pitter patter.

I really like Will Ferrell as an actor and comedian, and when he is on, he is on. But when he is off his game... it’s not pretty.

In his latest, Ferrell plays a former r&b singer/one hit wonder who makes a million and buys an ABA basketball franchise during the mid- ‘70s. The Flint Tropics are a rag tag team of players whose games are barely drawing a crowd, and Ferrell is doing everything in his power to market the team, including wrestling a bear and jumping eight cheerleaders on a pair of roller skates.

The movie has a few laughs, and good performances from Woody Harrelson and Andre Benjamin, but the script reads like an inprov from beginning to end. An improv that repeatedly falls flat on its face. The sophomoric humor is just plain stupid, and the real laughs are generally derived from old set ups and jokes. It’s just not that funny. Between this epic and Penelope, (a movie I just refuse to see) a guy could get turned off of movies all together.

One Star

Reviews by Michael Buffalo Smith

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sarasmile says...

I saw 10000 BC today. You should review it. Good movie.

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