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GRITZ Movie Reviews: Kung Fu Panda, The Zohan

Posted: Jun 10, 2008


I was a bit apprehensive about his one. The trailer didn’t get me rockin’ whatsoever. Of course I love Jack Black, and was somewhat interested that he voiced the lead character, and Angelina Jolie and Dustin Hoffman were among the other stars lending their voices to the animated characters.

I was really surprised, in a good way. The movie was a hoot, and as I sat in a theater packed with kids of all ages, I laughed from one end of the film to the other.

Po is an unlikely candidate for Kung Fu Master, but like a wise person once said, don’t judge a book by it’s flabby cover. The panda finds a way to make it all work for him and in the end becomes everyone’s hero.

It’s a hilarious and fun film for the whole family.

Four Stars


Adam Sandler is always funny. Only he could take the premise of a political assassin living his dream of being a hair stylist and make it this funny. Lots and lots of humor, much of it on the sophomore level, and sexual talk, so be advised not to take the ten year old.

Forget the summer super heroes, Iron Man, Batman, Hulk... Sandler is the real super hero as Zohan, catching bullets in his teeth and putting a piranah down the front of his swim trunks, leaping tall buildings and much more. Buy the ticket, take the ride, suspend your disbelief and enjoy.

Four Stars

BABEWATCH - Emmanuelle Chriqui stars as trhe owner of the beauty parlor where Zohan makes his dreams come true.

Reviews by Michael Buffalo Smith

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Ironman says...

But IRON MAN can't be beat!

thunderfoot says...

That Emmanuelle chick sure is a hottie. That was one funny ass movie too!

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