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Seems To Me

Review of: Cary Hudson

Cary Hudson's songs stand the test of time. The Mississippi singer/songwriter/guitarist cultivated a songwriting partnership with Wilco's John Stirrat many years ago in a group called The Hilltops. When Stirrat joined Uncle Tupelo, Hudson started

Oxford Basement Collection

Review of: El Obo

(Esperanza Plantation) Colour Revolt, a promising young band from Mississippi, has already had to face some significant early career challenges.  After shooting out of the gates when a major label picked up their first EP, the band moved on from there releasing nothing read more...


Review of: Larry Brown

(Algonquin Books of Chapel Hill) Trouble finds Fay Jones wherever she goes. Fay leaves her north Mississippi home on foot with two dollars, rotting tennis shoes, a half-pack of cigarettes and a serious survival instinct. Fay meets various men throughout the book who all pay read more...

Keys To the Kingdom

Review of: North Mississippi Allstars

(Songs of the South Records) “Take reassurance in the glory of the moment and the forever promise of tomorrow. Surely there is light beyond the darkness. As there is dawn after the night.”

Onward And Upward

Review of: Luther Dickinson/Sons of Mudboy

(Zebra Ranch) Three days after Memphis luminary Jim Dickinson died, his oldest son

Make A Move

Review of: Hill Country Revue

Make A Move Hill Country Revue Razor & Tie By James Calemine The North Mississippi Allstars’ Cody Dickinson formed the Hill Country Revue in 2008. The group includes Cody read more...

Warpaint Live

Review of: The Black Crowes

Warpaint Live The Black Crowes Silver Arrow Records By James Calemine Last March The Black Crowes released their first studio CD in seven years,

Dixieland Delight

Review of: Clay Travis

As we head into the off season, now that the recruiting season is over (mostly), there might be no better time to pick up and read Clay Travis's

Midnight In Mississippi

Review of: Blue Mountain

Mississippi's Blue Mountain has regrouped after splintering few years back, done in by divorce, disappointing sales, and overall malaise.  It's easy to see why a band with such great promise could have let a series of heartbreaks get to them.  But like

Plunder, Beg and Curse

Review of: Colour Revolt

(Fat Possum Records) Colour Revolt come from that ramshackle tradition that rose from the Memphis music scene, post MTV.  Taking blues and punk as a basis, Memphis became a home for some disaffected musicians who wanted to make music that didn't exactly jibe with the read more...

Big Bad Love

Review of: Larry Brown

Big Bad Love Larry Brown Vintage Books By James Calemine Mississippi writer Larry Brown wrote ten published books. Big Bad Love, his second collection of short stories, ranks as a formidable collection of fiction. Other essential Brown read more...


Review of: North Mississippi Allstars

Hernando North Mississippi Allstars Songs of the South By James Calemine Hernando is the town in Mississippi where legendary producer Jim Dickinson read more...

Darius Goes West

Review of: Logan Smalley

“Something’s gonna happen like…Just spark the whole world,” exclaims Darius, the star of the award-winning independent documentary feature film Darius Goes West (DGW), 2007. read more...

Song of America

Review of: Various Artists

Song of America Various Artists 31 Tigers Records By James Calemine This 50-song, 3 CD collection tells the story of America through songs from the year 1492 through modern times. Song of America contains a diverse line-up of artists read more...

Killers From Space

Review of: James Luther Dickinson

Killers From Space James Luther Dickinson Memphis International Records By James Calemine Recorded at Zebra Ranch in Independence, Mississippi, during February and March of 2007, Killers From Space marks another interesting release by read more...

Come Early Morning

Review of: Joey Lauren Adams

Come Early Morning Joey Lauren Adams-Director The Weinstein Company

Red Dirt Marijuana & Other Tastes

Review of: Terry Southern

Red Dirt Marijuana & Other Tastes Terry Southern Citadel Underground By read more...

Portraits and Songs From the Roots of America

Review of: Various Artists

Enclosed within the new Music Maker book titled Portraits and Songs From the Roots of America rests a CD featuring 22 different Music Maker artists. This collection reveals some of the country’s most neglected Southern musicians who remain pioneers and vital sources read more...

Smiling Assassin

Review of: John Hermann

John “JoJo” Hermann’s new record, Smiling Assassin, consists of eleven country-hearted blues songs, and includes an all-star musical cast. Hermann, the Widespread Panic read more...

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