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GAC Contest, Vote for The Southern Boys Band

Posted: Jun 19, 2008

Greetings from South Carolina. I just heard about this contest that our friend Justin McCorkle and The Southern Boys Band are participating in. They could win big from GAC and even get a recording contract. Check out their video, and if you like it, click the link and vote for them. They are good boys with some real talent.

Keep it Real. Keep it Southern.


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Ironman says...

These guys seem to have "it." Can't wait to hear their Paul Hornsby produced LP.

copperhead says...

My Alabama Story. They were playing Haloween at the YES! Holiday Inn Downtown in MB. This was about a year before they hit. I was bartending and the band was so broke that they traded me T shirts and Signed LPs in exchange for food and Jack Danels. I have the T shirts my ex ran off with the LPs. A year latter thay were on the radio and TV. They did a great version of Can't you see. Anyway back to the boys. With all the groups throwing in lines about Tucker, free bird. three steps maybe these guys can give them the real deal. My kids and their friends listen to southern rock . My son even found the Winters Brothers and Grinderswitchs without my influence. then they hear the new bands mention the southern rock they go looking for the roots like we did with blues. Give hell guys . Lets hope you can bring the southern back to rock. I love your stage presence in the vidio its shows a love for the misic. I'm sold and I'll buy the CD

michaelbuffalo says...

Oops! I posted before I read Copperhead's comment! I agree Copper, but the new Bice CD rocks Southern! He is free from the "system" now... I agree The Southern Boys have that old Alabama groove, blended with classic MTB. I spent a week at The Bowery in Myrtle Beach (well, 4 nights) hanging with Alabama a few years before they hit. They were called Wildcountry. They played here in Greenville at Chiefs during the winters, and we'd go see them. I'm gonna have to blog about them now!

michaelbuffalo says...

Bo Bice? Yep, we have had a review posted for a few weeks now, check the archives. He is great. And we are truly behind the SBB, and wish them oodles of success. Thanks for commenting!

wallbruce says...

You should check out Bo's latest CD it is awesome ;) Thanks Buff, The Boys really appreciate all the support.

copperhead says...

These guys have the Tucker sound but when I use to bartend Alabama played a lot. This was before they hit the big time. They had a big southetn rock sound then.These guys remind me a lot of Alabama before they made it big. So maybe there is hope. I love these guys my only fear is you know what record companies do to good bands. Look at Bo from American Idol. They didn't let him record the CD that he could have and he is good,

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