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Friendship, Love & Betrayal in Modern Times

Posted: Mar 24, 2011

Friendship, Love & Betrayal In Modern Times

“You got a lot of nerve to say you are my friend
When I was down you just stood there grinning…”
                                      “Positively Fourth Street”
                                       Bob Dylan

These are strange times. Change sweeps through the streets. It’s a mean old world, but being kind to those who love you has always been seen as prudent. Japan is devastated, the Middle East is erupting and the anemic U.S. economy breeds fear and uncertainty. So, why not extend kindness to folks when the world grows a little darker? I

As Leon Russell sang, “Never treat a brother like a passing stranger/Always try to keep the love light burning.” We’ve all experienced betrayal. We all know friends and lovers who stab the other in the back after they give each other a Judas kiss. It’s hard enough to fend off the malice of strangers in this sometimes cruel world, but an ally is different. The Dust To Digital release, Baby, How Can It Be?, captures the essence of love, lust and contempt. Go towards the light…keep on the sunny side.

Tom Petty sang on the friendship/lover subject in “Billy the Kid”: “You offered no assistance/You looked at me and you lied/It really stung me/When you went to the other side.” Jim Thompson’s The Getaway reveals issues of trust between a man and a woman in a story of high stakes. Bob Dylan always shed sharp insight to these matters of the heart, permanence--“Either brace yourself for elimination/Or your heart must have the courage for the changing of the guard.”

Such matters of the human condition always make for good stories or songs. So, amidst all the change…there are a couple of upcoming surprises here at Swampland. Remember, when you’re not kind to folks—especially ones that have always believed in you—the heart you break may be your own.

James Calemine


Bob Dylan's Together Through Life

Larry Brown's Big Bad Love

Jim Thompson's The Getaway

Willie Nelson's The Facts of Life and Other Dirty Jokes

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