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Family In Southern Lit and the Pat Conroy Book Contest

Posted: Sep 16, 2009


I’d like to direct everyone’s attention to a contest Swampland, our Writers of the South Facebook group, and Doubleday Books are running to win a signed copy of Pat Conroy’s new book, South of Broad. The winner must write an essay for this week's topic regarding family life within the scope of Southern writing. Here are the contest rules…

Southern literature is full of joyous and dark depictions of family life. There are more than a few that come to my mind, but several personal favorites include Flannery O’Connor’s short story “Good Country People”, Cormac McCarthy’s novel Suttree and William Faulkner’s 

book The Hamlet.

O’Connor’s “Good Country People” weaves a lifelong struggle between mother and daughter which leads one family member relenting to another’s bad decision that alters their family with grave consequences. McCarthy’s Suttree tells the tale of a fisherman forsaking his wealthy family to life on a boat on the Tennessee River and a ruthless life with street characters he encounters. Faulkner’s The Hamlet (the first book of his trilogy including The Town and The Mansion) focuses on The Snopes family, and how one family member’s carnal actions effect other loved one’s lives. These, like most family situations, are complicated matters that count for serious drama...timeless, heart-rending literature.

I look forward to everyone’s essay. Good luck.

James Calemine


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